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Is Your Brand Video-Ready?

Apr 9, 2019 7:55:52 AM

How can you and I go to the movies and pay to watch movies like Sherlock Holmes, which have millions of fanboys and fangirls? We sit there! We enjoy the movie and we leave the theatre like: “Ah! What a man! I’d like to be more like him!” Days later, you stop by an Omega watch shop. A watch in this showroom resembles the one that Sherlock Holmes was wearing in the movie. You pay 8,000 USD to put that watch on your wrist. And, you leave the store feeling MORE LIKE HOLMES! How’s it possible for a movie’s story to trick you so easily?


The explanation is simple: The more emotionally invested you are in life, the less critical and the less objectively observant you become! The greatest emotional investment of all is falling in love! Falling in love resembles a good story. Do you remember the last time you fell in love? Do you remember how you longed, yearned and daydreamt? And then, you looked at your partner and maybe you thought - “I love the way you are chewing that cookie! So crunchy, it must be!”


A lot of time later, when you have biochemically fallen out of love, suddenly you hear a sound from the kitchen! You go over to the kitchen and say: “Oh! It’s you! You are eating the entire jar of cookies, eh? Could you please keep the chewing noise down? Just a little bit?” Suddenly, some of the old habits of your partner become annoying to you.

After months into a relationship with your partner, your critical thinking comes back from a year-long sleep and you start questioning things! During the initial months of blissful love and paradise,  your brain was flooded with neurotransmitters and hormones, hijacking your objectively observant skills and throwing it out of the window! Now, here’s an interesting fact: In storytelling, the same neurotransmitters and hormones can be released!

Now,  let us take a step into the real world: into our stressful and rushed work lives. At several times, when we communicate as brands, what often gets triggered is the DEVIL’S COCKTAIL :  Cortisol and Adrenaline. When these two hormones get accumulated in our bodies in a high concentration, we could become some of these - intolerant, irritable, uncreative, critical and a wrong decision maker.

However, there is an opposite of the Devil’s cocktail. It is the ANGEL’S COCKTAIL! This mix consists of three hormones- Dopamine, Oxytocin, and Endorphins. These hormones can induce feelings like motivation, generosity, trust, and amusement. And, as per definition, all storytelling is dopamine-inducing! Stories are strong generators of emotions like empathy, trust, joy, and relief! Moreover, in the millennial world, the most sought-after way of storytelling is via videos: video storytelling by brands! The concept of video storytelling is used worldwide by brands to induce desirable emotions and feelings into their customers and prospects. But, here is a thing! A million dollar question to ask is: Is your brand ready at all to use videos?

Let us explore some very primal checkpoints before you could jump with joy and declare that your brand is ready to use videos! And, not just ready to use, but ready to use videos judiciously, at that:

  • Great video planning must go hand in hand with objectively and optimally allocated budgets:

An ambitious plan to achieve huge success for your brand will remain just a plan and not become reality, unless this plan is nurtured with optimal funding from time to time. It needs to be realized that brands use videos to engage with their audiences and to create a magnanimous amount of trust! But, the fact is that creating love and trust for yourself in the hearts of the right target audience is an end goal that cannot be achieved overnight.

To acquire your audiences’ top-of-the-mind awareness, you need to keep connecting with them on a consistent basis. This, in turn, means that your investment in videos should be heartily planned with an objective of keeping your buyers informed, intrigued and hooked throughout the buyer’s life-cycle! Doing videos with a confused assortment of messaging in order to save money might rather do more harm to your business! Therefore, plan your videos’ end goals wisely and invest your dollars accordingly in order to reap maximum benefits from your video marketing efforts!

Another important point to mention here is: Merely organic social media outreach would never be good enough to attract qualified leads. Your brand’s paid social media outreach should complement your organically posted and promoted content. Therefore, enough funding should be set aside for paid outreach in such a manner that your top rated content catches the attention of a wide range of the target audience.

  • Videos are a boon whether or not your brand has subscribers!

Are you a well-established brand that is a loop of creating demand-generation videos? Aren’t you still nowhere close to achieving the sales targets that you had set up for your brand? Well, this could be because your brand doesn’t have a decent subscriber-base to start with.

Now, what we mean by a subscriber base here is to refer to those people who have already processed some of your content either in the form of blogs, social media posts, newsletters or even emails. The failure to have a  subscriber-base to start with, can have your brand’s marketing team bogged down.

Why we say that is because the lack of eyeballs will definitely skew your video-views towards an unfavourable trend. So, the ideal time to launch a demand generation video campaign on social media is when you have a sufficient subscriber-base to kickstart with. And to build that subscriber base, you need to create more awareness videos that have edutainment content.

Well, you might be wondering: “Hey! My brand is pretty new in the business and I haven’t written many blogs for my brand till date! Nor have I used alternative content strategies to build a decent audience for my brand! What am I supposed to do in such a scenario?” Here is the master code for you to follow: Go to websites like BuzzSumo and Ahrefs.



BuzzSumo enables you to find out and analyze what type of content performs the best and for any type of topic. And, what would be the key influencers for any piece of content that you write! Similarly, Ahrefs enables you with tools to grow your brand’s search traffic, to research your competitors and to monitor your niche! This, in turn, would enable you to devise marketing strategies that can help you outrank your competitors! So, if you are still thinking about getting started, now is the time to explore what you can do best! Once you have figured out what content topics make your brand par excellence, encash this opportunity by creating video content to build your own kingdom of quality subscribers!

  •  Videos for your website will fetch incremental results only when you have a good amount of traffic coming to your website:

Your brand is quite nascent in the business and one fine day, you are all enthusiastic to launch a new product for your brand! As a responsible and aware marketer, you decide to get an explainer video made for the new product. You design a fancy landing page and place that marvel of a video just in the center of this page.

And sadly and gradually you realize that there are zero or minimal conversions from this landing page! Now, all sorts of thoughts start clogging your mind and you start telling yourself: “Maybe, my product offering wasn’t good enough”, “Maybe, I shouldn’t have launched in the very first place” and so forth!

But, it is most likely that you never took account of the conversion rates for your landing pages and you never kept a tab on the traffic that your website is getting. Creating landing pages without a good flow of traffic and with poor conversion rates is as good asking for a date to a girl who never existed! There is an all likely chance that you would never get a response!

  • Monitoring and tracking are a must:

Whether it is your social media platforms or your website, keeping some numbers and insights handy would always help you in your journey from being a good brand to a great brand! So, even before you start out on your video journey, consider and set up tracking options to measure the ROI on your videos.

Facebook Insights

By using Facebook Insights you’ll be able to determine the best time of day to post, the best day of the week to post and what type of content is most popular. It is important to note that the Facebook Insights tool is constantly updated to reflect your page’s developments and any patterns that may form. So you’ll need to keep checking back to keep in the loop.

Click on the gear wheel on your Facebook Fan Page and select ‘View Insights’. You’ll see a graph like the one below.

This is the main Insights dashboard and here you’ll see the total number of likes (and whether this is increasing or decreasing), the number of friends of fans available (this is the potential number of people you can reach!), how many people are actively talking about your page, as well as your total weekly reach.


Not just all of this, Facebook offers a lot of help with understanding data provided by the Insights Tool, including a basic tutorial. Well, there is a lot more that you must know about Facebook Insights. Here’s a video by Hubspot that will come in very handy for learning how to analyze Facebook insights to improve your content strategy!

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a great way of identifying which sites send the most traffic to your website. More importantly, it helps you to determine which platform of all social media platforms needs more attention.

Here, you can get a quick overview of the social media sites that send across maximum traffic to your site. By understanding the degree of your social media marketing reach via each of these channels, you can prioritize and improve your social media marketing efforts.

The data in your Google Analytics platform differentiates the behavior across different social media platforms, comparing how long visitors spend on these platforms, how many pages they view, etc.


Google Analytics is built to work with Google’s advertising and publisher products so that you can use your insights from Analytics to reach the right customers. Additionally, Google’s unique machine learning capabilities can help to discover new insights from your data — such as which users are likely to convert or which customers have high revenue potential. For a complete list of the pros of Google Analytics, here is a must read for you!


Hootsuite is primarily a Social Media Management tool, allowing you to schedule and send updates across a multitude of Social Media platforms. It also includes a great analytics tool - with an added bonus that it compiles data from all of your social media platforms into one, easy-to-use tool.


Hootsuite integrates with the main social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, FourSquare, WordPress and YouTube. Additionally, it also includes a URL shortening tool and a link tracking mechanism. A cherry on the cake is that Hootsuite also allows you to integrate marketing tools such as MailChimp, SocialFlow, InboxQ, Constant Contact and many others from its app directory. 


Hubspot lets you analyze your site’s performance with key and crucial website metrics. It gives you the ability to analyze how each of your pages are performing, and identify which traffic sources bring in the most website sessions, contacts, and customers over time. When you know which sources of traffic are driving the most value, you can focus your marketing campaigns on the ones that matter.


With HubSpot, analytics are built into everything you do, right out of the box. You are able to see detailed reports for all your marketing assets, from website and landing pages to emails, blog posts, social media accounts, calls-to-action, and more. Add any report to your dashboard so that you are able to track your most critical metrics all in one place. With HubSpot’s integrated analytics, you’ll have all the data you need to make smarter, data-driven decisions that would help you grow.

  • A video hosting platform for videos is as crucial as a runway for aircraft:

Video hosting platforms come with very different purposes. To keep our analyses easy, let’s take two video hosting platforms for our case study: YouTube and Wistia. YouTube is designated to serve content creators looking to monetize their videos, and organizations investing in big brand-building advertising campaigns. However, another hosting platform: Wistia is designated exclusively to serve companies using videos on their websites for marketing, support, and sales.

YouTube is preferable if reach is more important to you than customer acquisition. YouTube videos typically drive traffic to from search and social, which means that you cannot track interactions with your content as effectively, and won’t be able to drive as many profitable actions directly from your content. Therefore, Wistia is ideal for on-site videos, and Youtube is a social video platform that requires a unique strategy!

Now, based on what your video’s end goal is, the onus is on you to make a rational choice from among a plethora of video hosting platforms that are at your disposal!

After this massive wave of informative content, now is the time for you to rate yourself on the five-pointer checklist above to see where you stand. If you are able to check all the five points mentioned above, then you are completely ready to take a plunge into the world of infinite possibilities of video marketing! Wondering how to get started with your video journey?

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