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How Explainer Videos Helped Bitcoin IRA Get 400k Views?

Dec 28, 2017 9:16:22 AM

Query:They wanted an animated video that describes Bitcoin IRA’s commitment to safety & security in cryptocurrency IRA market”

Company Name: Bitcoin IRA

Business Profile: Bitcoin IRA is the first, and leading, full-service solution that allows you to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic with your IRA.

Defined Brief: Initially, the video was supposed to describe the safety and security provisions of Bitcoin IRA, but that changed as we progressed. We collectively decided to curate a broader brand story video that describes Bitcoin IRA’s reason for existence to the viewers. Basically, a top of the funnel approach with the view of driving people through the different stages in the buying behaviour, rather than making just a pain point video.

Challenges: Bitcoin IRA is the first full-service player in the market that allows an investor to invest in cryptocurrency through their IRA. That said, there is still some resistance in the crypto market and a lot of it has to do with trust, credibility and the lack of know-how. Hence, our challenges were multifold. Along with the challenge of educating the viewers on the benefits of cryptocurrency as a retirement fund through Bitcoin IRA, we also had to deliver a video that generates trust towards Bitcoin IRA. Another challenge was to accomplish all the above factors through an engaging video that does not look too preachy as the central theme of the video is educational.

Suggested Animation Style: Motion Infographic

Approach: We knew that the video will impart a lot of facts, educational content and safety information. Therefore, in order to keep the video engaging, we decided to play around with the icons and elements of the video. Symmetrical graphics with smooth transitions were used to get the message across clearly and concisely. Additionally, we used Bitcoin IRA’s colors at strategic points during the video to increase the viewers association to Bitcoin IRA.

What worked: Our approach was an instant hit with the client. They loved the iconography and the colors in the video. The video was true to Bitcoin IRA’s vision and served the purpose of simplifying a complicated subject into an easily understandable one. To keep the final video in the sweet-spot of the viewing audience and also drive action, we trimmed the final video to keep it a little over 2 minutes. Here it is below:

Result: The video was delivered in October and deployed by the client on Youtube on October 25, 2017. Today, after 2 months, the video has grossed over 400,000 views and has helped drive traffic and engagement for Bitcoin IRA.

They even signed up for more animated commercials with a view to revamp their entire content through our videos. Additionally, they referred us to their sister concern for whom we are making another set of videos!

I will be updating this space as the rest of the videos come out.

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