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Prime Child Care Increases Brand Value With Explainer Videos!


About Prime Child Care

Our client, Prime Child Care, is an innovative, customer-centric leader in childcare-management software. The company has developed cloud-based web and mobile solutions with the latest technology. The company is privately owned and operated by Ledger Software.


The Problem

The client functions in a very competitive market. Being in such a market, it was very difficult for them to stand out. So they needed something that could increase their perceived value in the market. Doing so would increase conversions on their landing page as well. With that in mind, the client came to us.

The Challenge

We deliver perfection. So when the client went for a Premium Mixed-Media Explainer Video, we carried out shoots ourselves. Seeking perfection, we took shots after shots to find the perfect shots that we could use in the video. We animated it with as much care and effort as we did shooting it. The end result was an amazing video that not only looks premium but also makes the brand look premium.

The Solution

  • When it comes to standing out from the crowd, nothing beats mixed-media animation.
  • A premium animated explainer video can improve the perceived value of your brand a lot.
  • Explainer videos help increase landing page conversions across industries.

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