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About M&M Financial

M&M Financial, is an employee-owned and operated business that resolves tax liabilities. It has been helping people fix their IRS and State back-tax problems since 2005.


The Problem

The problem that our client was facing was building trust.

Since people come to them deep in tax-related problems, this was difficult.

This negative connotation and affirming positivity were challenging.

So they wanted to make a testimonial video to build this trust.

The Challenge

We were working with the testimonials of three of their clients.

Since we didn't want to make it long, we had to stick to only the important parts.

Working together, we finalized the content. The problem then was to structure the testimonials. We brainstormed and went for the problem-solution approach.

Knowing the short attention span of the audience, we had to tweak the arrangement. While the problems went 1-2-3, the solution went 3-2-1. This helped increase retention and made the video a great success.

The Solution

  • When it comes to building trust, nothing beats testimonial videos.

  • With many stories in parallel in the video, completing at least one in its flow helps hold attention.

  • Testimonials can help increase conversions as well as reconversions for all industries.

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