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How did Hippo Roofing build trust with the help of customer testimonial videos?

About Hippo Roofing

Hippo Roofing is a specialty construction company focusing on exclusive lifetime residential replacement roofing systems.


The Challenge

Building trust is so important, especially in the B2C industry where there are several competitors. 

Hippo Roofing wanted to build trust with their audience using an animated testimonial video.

The video had to be short and crisp and cover customers' reviews of their services.

The Solution

We helped Hippo Roofing make a customer testimonial video.

The video was kept short and crisp with lots of colors to make it visually appealing.

The video covered snippets of various customers and how Hippo Roofing has been providing them quality services.

The snippets covered people from different walks of life so that it is more relatable and builds trust. 

To achieve the client's objectives, B2W:-

  • Chose bright colors and visuals to keep the video interesting and not lose attention.

  • Used Testimonials to build trust. 

Key Takeaways

    • 1. Using testimonials helps relate to the brand better and stay connected. 

    • 2. Keeping the video short and crisp helps in keeping the viewer engaged

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