How did the Caribbean Development Bank engage their staff through internal communication videos?

About Caribbean Development Bank

The Caribbean Development Bank is a financial institution that helps Caribbean nations finance social and economic programs in its member countries.


The Challenge

CDB wanted to make an animated video about their employee program, Mind Body Soul.

Through the video, they wanted to explain what the program is about and how it could help the employees, not only in their work-life but also in their personal life.

The video had to be short and the language was to be kept simple so that it could be understood by the staff and was engaging.

The Solution

We helped CDB make a cartoon internal communications video.

The video was kept short and crisp with lots of colors to make it visually appealing.

Rather than talking about the features of the program only, the video talked about how it could impact the lives of the employees in a positive way. 

This made the viewer emotionally attached to the video and stay connected.

The videos also portrayed CDB as someone who cares about their staff and wants them to prosper in both work and personal life. 

To achieve the client's objectives, B2W:-

  • Chose bright colors and visuals to keep the video interesting and not lose attention.

  • Used Cartoon Animation to make the video relatable.

  • Made the viewer emotionally connect by sharing what's in it for them.

Key Takeaways

    • 1. Addressing user pain points and enabling new possibilities helped the audience connect and inspire to take action.

    • 2. Keeping the video short and crisp helps in keeping the viewer engaged

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