How Broadcast2World Transformed Concrete Science into an Engaging Visual Experience for BASF's MetaMax


About BASF

BASF, in collaboration with KaMin, aimed to introduce MetaMax, a highly reactive metakaolin, to architects and designers worldwide. As a unique pozzolanic admixture, MetaMax was developed to enhance concrete's strength, durability, and workability.


The Challenge

1. Scientific Complexity: The concepts involved in how MetaMax works within concrete are technically complex and required careful explanation to a non-technical audience.

2. Aesthetic Considerations: The presentation of MetaMax needed to showcase not just its functional benefits but also its aesthetic appeal in concrete production.

3. Tone Management: The video needed to maintain a warm, positive, and informative tone, with variations as per the script instructions.

The Solution

1. Script Interpretation: The script was meticulously followed, maintaining the desired tone and following specific voice-over instructions, such as pauses and emphases on bold words.

2. Clear Explanations: Technical concepts, such as the reaction between MetaMax and free lime, were translated into accessible language and visuals.

3. Highlighting Benefits: The video highlighted MetaMax's ability to strengthen concrete, make it more dense, less porous, and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

4. Customer Engagement: By emphasizing how MetaMax has already benefited hundreds of customers, the video made a direct connection to real-world applications.

To meet the client’s video objectives, B2W helped with:

  • Accessibility: Even complex scientific concepts can be made accessible and engaging with careful scripting and visualization.

  • Holistic Presentation: MetaMax was presented not just as a functional additive but as a complete solution that adds value to construction projects.

  • Customer-Centric Approach: Focusing on real-world benefits and customer experiences enhanced the credibility and appeal of the product.

  • Effective Tone Management: Adhering to specific tonal instructions enhanced the clarity and impact of the content.

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