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How did Attivo Networks explain their offering through cybersecurity videos?

About Attivo Networks

Specializing in network and end-point security, Attivo Networks uses innovative defense strategies and deception to out-maneuver attackers and prevent identity compromise, privilege escalation, and lateral movement attacks.


The Challenge

The client wanted an animated explainer video that fit in with their family of other videos to show how they cover end-point protection gaps.

Their target audience was organizations and companies in the IT sector.

The main challenge we faced was conveying the full extent of their services without overwhelming the viewer and recreating the same style as their other videos using their distinct icons and art.

Time was of the essence here and we did not want to waste any resources.

The Solution

We made a cyber security animation video that combined 2D and 3D with descriptive narration.

We started off by showing the dangers that still lurk even after using regular end-point security measures.

We used icons to simplify various end-points in a network and to show how attackers move laterally through one. Icons were also used to show the host of features Attivo Networks provide.

Animation was used to show the gaps that attackers target, as well as the way Attivo Networks prevents this.

To achieve the client's objectives, B2W:-

  • Explained the attack tactics and the way Attivo Networks defends against them.

  • Used striking colors and engaging animation to retain viewership.

  • Open communication with the client to ensure each step of the process is approved by them.

Key Takeaways

    • 1. Infographic Animation helps grab attention and simplify complex concepts.

      2. A well-made short 60-second video can be engaging as well as highly informative and memorable.

      3. Explaining your service is essential to make the viewer trust your product which inspires them to take action.

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