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9 Super Easy Ways To Get A Higher CTR On Your Marketing Content

Sep 11, 2018 10:00:12 AM

Click-through-rates or CTR is essential in turning your brand into a success story. CTRs can affect your business in a number of ways. A higher CTR means better ranking on search engines, increased conversion rates, more leads and all the other good things that you so desperately want your brand to achieve.

But, what is CTR?

Well, it is simply the ratio between how many users viewed your content to how many clicked and opened the link. Your CTR tends to reflect the performance of your marketing campaign, your relationship with your customers and basically the overall growth of your business. So here are a few easy ways you can boost your CTR.

Identify Your Lowest CTR Contents

To improve something, it is essential to first find the flaws. Simply download the search analytics data from Google search console. This will give you a clear idea of which promotional contents are underperforming and help you find the right solution to tackle that problem.

Don’t Make Your Titles Keyword Heavy

It is important to incorporate keywords into your content but building your content around keywords isn’t a wise decision. There are a thousand sites out there using the same keyword as you and to stand out you need something better. Try redefining your buyer persona. Understand what kind of language your customers are looking for what they want to hear so that you can build trust. Using very specific and niche keywords are a great way to do that. Target a specific group and directly address them.

Evoke Emotions

No matter how interesting or useful your content might be, you won’t be able to attract visitors if your tone of delivery is stoic. People like emotions, so add them in your writing. Be it joy, inspiration, motivation, fear or concern. Use emotions to communicate more effectively and intimately with your audience. A title that triggers any kind of emotion is more likely to perform better with your clients. Using the buyer’s perspective to write is a great place to start. This way you make yourself and your brand seem more relatable and approachable to the audience.

Use A List Format

Studies suggest that people are more likely to read your content if it presented in a list format. This because your audience doesn’t have time. They want quick answers that are easy to comprehend. Reading through stanzas of writing can often get boring and is definitely time-consuming on the customers part. So break it down into small segments by putting it on a list. This way your audience can easily read through the headlines and occasionally stop by if they find something new or interesting.

Use A Template For Creating Titles

Finding the right title can sometimes become frustrating. After hours of brainstorming and tossing paper into the trash, you still might not come out with the title that satisfies both you and your customers. Well, maybe not. Here is a simple template to construct a great title for any article you want to publish.

Format-Hook-Content type-Subject

This might not make sense to everyone. Allow me to explain. Consider the title of this post.

“11-easy-ways-to spike your CTR”. Breaking the title down into this mold makes it easier to write a captivating title.

Use Powerful Words In Your Description

Adding dynamic words to your description makes it easier to stand out. Adding a powerful adjective makes your user more likely to visit your site and it also gives you a better result on search engine rankings.

Use Descriptive URLs

Using descriptive URLs lead to 25% more clicks than the regular ones. This is because when a user sees a URL that clearly defines what the content on it is about, people tend to trust it more than some coded address that they cannot decipher.

Keep Experimenting

Keep experimenting with your visual and writing styles and try deriving the results from studies and researches on your buyer’s choices. Make multiple variations of the same title, remodel your blog posts for tonal variations. This not only gives you a better understanding of how to present your content but also makes it easier to shift tones and delivery style if one particular style doesn’t seem to work.

Use Social Media As Testing Grounds

The best way to know if a certain style of writing works or not is to broadcast it on social media and minutely tracking its performance and applying control measures as necessary. Using a number of social media sites for this is a great idea, it gives you clarity on how to approach each kind of crowd and which crowds respond that most or the least to your style of presentation.

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