Happiness Planner Narrates Its Story With Explainer Videos!


About Happiness Planner

Our client, The Happiness Planner, is a company with different products geared towards cultivating happiness by embracing the power of positive thinking, mindfulness, and gratitude.


The Problem

The client wanted a video to let the audience know about the events in the life of the company’s founder which led her to build the company.

The Challenge

The project went rather smoothly with us facing next to no challenges while making the video. It did take some effort of ours to refine the video and to make it look smoother. Since it was a pure classic animation drawn frame by frame, it took longer than the other projects, but the client loved it and so did we.

The Solution

The video that we developed for the client helped shape a unique identity for the client’s brand. It was developed frame-by-frame and the art style was loved by the client.

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