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How A Non-Profit Used Mixed Media Explainer Videos to Educate Audience And Fight Misinformation

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About Factspread

Factspread, is a non-profit organization that spreads well-sourced facts to curb ignorance at large. The non-profit aims to change the world with the help of social media, analytics, and education.

The Problem

The client wanted to fight ignorance by informing its audience about various socio-political issues.

They also wanted to make sure that all of the information that they would be sharing should be backed by rock-solid facts so that the videos represent facts and not their own opinions.

The thing with facts, however, is that not many people find facts entertaining enough. For this very reason, they turned to videos for spreading facts.

The Challenge

Since the clients wanted their videos to be as entertaining as possible, we went for the mixed media approach.

Over the last few years, we've noticed that the art style has become quite popular with some of the biggest brands turning to mix media for maximum engagement.

The only problem was that since we had to represent hard facts and figures in an entertaining fashion, we couldn't go for the usual infographic style of representing data in graphs.

Mixed Media Explainer Videos helped us overcome this obstacle by allowing us to use live-action images to visually reinstate the facts.

Key Takeaways

  • Mixed media animation provides great video engagement.

  • Mixed media animation can represent facts and figures as well as—if not better than—infographic videos do.

  • When supported with facts, information can be spread more efficiently with a lasting impact on viewers.

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