EndoSystems Introduces Product With Explainer Videos!


About EndoSystems

Our client, Endo-Systems, is a leading distributor and service provider within the aesthetics, beauty, health and wellness industries. Its product, LPG endermologie, is an FDA cleared, patented, and proprietary technique of cellular stimulation through reproducible mechanical massage.


The Problem

The client wanted to tell women about their product, and why they should go for it. Since there many of the cosmetic solutions in the market have harmful side-effects, many women avoid these solutions altogether. Our client wanted women to know that their product doesn’t have those harmful side-effects.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge that we faced was to insert the progress images of their clients in the video. Since the client wanted the subject of the video to be a 35-year old woman who is an office-going mother wearing many hats at a time, the art style that we decided to go for was motion character. Adding those images to the video would give it a mix-media feel—which opposed the art style of the video. We ended up adding the images with certain filters and overlays on them so that they went with our art style.

The Solution

Since the subject of the video was a relatable 35-year-old woman, we needed the art style to be motion character.

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