Epicor Ropes in Small Businesses With Explainer Videos!


About Epicor

Our client, Epicor, is a global business software company based in Austin, Texas. The company designs industry-specific software for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services industries. Its software helps simplify business complexities and helps businesses become more efficient.


The Problem

Since Epicor is a big brand, small businesses refrained from using their software thinking they might be costly. Getting such small businesses on board was a challenge the company was facing.

The Challenge

The client had a tight budget, so we had to decide on an art style that would work best with their target audience while fitting it in the budget. Being a big brand, the client had an extensive style guide which the team to keep in mind while making the video which was quite a challenge for the team starting out. The team quickly overcame it though.

The Solution

Since we were targeting small businesses, we needed to keep the messaging simple yet effective. The best way to do that was to use whiteboard videos since they are quite easy to consume. And that is what we went for.

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