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About CCH

Our client, Christian Church Homes (CCH), is a non-profit organization that has been building and managing affordable housing communities where seniors can live and thrive in the comfort of their own home.


The Problem

The client needed a set of videos to train their new salesmen. Since training videos tend to get a bit boring, they planned on getting the videos made in such a way that they can get the message across with the videos without getting boring.

The Challenge

The client was quite clear on the art style they wanted to go for right from the get-go. They knew that the video was going to be a whiteboard video. The only problem that we faced was to get those videos made in the short deadline that they provided us with. But since they gave us the script and most of the information we needed, we were able to get the video done well within the deadline.

The Solution

Based on the client’s requirement, going for whiteboard as the art style was an obvious choice. It worked wonders for the success of the video.

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