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We create videos in a lot of flavors and styles. Each video is handcrafted and priced (starting $2,995) based on your objective, use case, content complexity, feedback time, delivery timelines and what message you want to convey to your audience.

Have a look at the different styles below, fill the form in the right and we will book a free one-to-one video consultation session (15-30 minutes) comprising:

  • The right video content strategy for you.
  • Best video style suitable for your requirement.
  • Appropriate budget allocation followed by a customized proposal.

Basic Whiteboard Animation Style


Premium Whiteboard Animation Style


Basic Infographics Animation Style


Premium Infographics Animation Style


Basic Cartoon Animation Style


Premium Cartoon Animation Style


Basic Mixed Media Animation Style


Premium Mixed Media Animation Style


Flick Infographics Animation Style


Flick Character Animation Style


Flick Mixed Media Animation Style