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Why App Marketing Videos Will Be Even More Of A Big Deal

Oct 7, 2013 4:19:25 PM

The current state of iPhone and Android app marketing

In this age of hyper-aware and chronically-bored consumers, mobile app advertisers have to work harder than ever to engage their target markets. Even the most prolific and experienced marketers are now having trouble connecting with an audience that before, was enticed by print and banner ads. These kinds of adverts just aren’t cutting it anymore, especially in the technological atmosphere of the app market. The traditional Android and iPhone app marketing strategy is seeing little success in the current consumer climate.

We are wrestling with a different beast!

If you’ve created a mobile app or are entrusted with marketing an app, you have probably felt the frustration of trying to engage your audience. Slapping a banner ad—the currently preferred method of promotion—in the advertisement space of popular mobile apps doesn’t seem to do much good anymore. Consumers have become so accustomed to this form of advertising that they are mentally deleting it from their user experience.

The ROI on banner ads is dropping radically as marketers find that they no longer create an effective connection with the viewer. In effect, even though the advertisement is present, the user doesn’t register it. The malady’s even earned technical names in advertising jargon – banner blindness or ad blindness! Go, look it up on big G.

The mobile app marketing challenge and the solution

This has made both iPhone app marketing and Android app marketing more complicated in the past years. Marketing your mobile app no longer means just coming up with an interesting design and catchy wording.

Marketers have had to find a new way to draw in smartphone mobile customers, and they have found short, animated videos to be the most operative avenue. While these explainer videos took off around late 2011, and have been gaining ground since then, they will become even more important in 2014 looking at the way the graph has rocketed.


And what exactly does the new-age mobile app user consume?

The newest generation of smartphone app consumers has never known a time without the Internet; they are conditioned to think faster, have shorter attention spans, and to be immune to traditional marketing techniques. But they are also hungry for entertainment and information and for gadgets that deliver both. And a smartphone does exactly that, being a nexus of moving graphics, audio and facts, tucked conveniently in a pocket. Videos provide a happy marriage of moving graphics, audio and facts, thus becoming the essence of what new-age app users desire. Yes, it’s the all-important, play button.

The expectation from a video, any kind of video, is that it delivers engaging information. The rising generation of consumers will gladly watch a video, especially if it means that they can bypass other information sources. Videos give your mobile app a fighting chance in a market where “wordiness,” even in light of necessary explanation and instructions, is considered a fault, not a virtue.

Videos quickly show why mobile phone apps should be downloaded

Videos provide the opportunity to explain to potential users why they should download the app, how it will benefit their life, and fulfill one or both of their two needs (entertainment or information). Short mobile app explainer videos are the only way to deliver important, attention-grabbing information in a format that still appeals to most users. Yes, that includes screenshots too that fall short in providing enough information to get a user interested in your mobile app.

Videos are watched and shared. And shared. And shared...

Mobile app owners can extend the reach of their outbound, organic app marketing by getting an explainer video for their app and posting the video on all video sharing and social networking platforms using descriptive titles and keywords so that more app users can be reached via viral marketing channels. In a study on the top 10 brand pages on Facebook, Simply Measured found that "videos are shared 12X more than links and text posts combined". Mbooth included this fact in an infographic to prove this point and more. Here’s the relevant excerpt:


And here’s a picture of what is happening on YouTube


So, here’s what all this means to mobile app owners and marketers

Consumers want to know what they are downloading and spending their precious time on before they install your app so that they don’t have to regret wasting their time when they have to delete an irrelevant app. App marketing videos solve the problem that mobile app marketers have been experiencing, i.e., how to appeal to an information-hungry, lazy customer base, and how to reach more Android phone or iPhone app users. With a short app marketing video, designed by a professional video production company, you can easily communicate the USP of your app in the most effective way. You can get started right away by sending us a quick message about your app using the form on top, and we will be happy to weave a story around your mobile app to effectively show what it can do.

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