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What, Why and How of Video Blogging!

Jan 10, 2016 11:30:18 PM

Wondered why in school you always understood better when your teacher explained the same text you read yourself before the class? When your teacher explained it to you, you could see a real person who might be using some props or gestures to make you understand the concept better. There comes a sense of connection and association. For eg; you would have never learned about the dispersion of light experiment had your teacher not explained it to you in person, isn’t it? Exactly this magnitude of understanding is imparted from a video blog or more famously known as the Vlog!!

For those who aren’t familiar with the terminology, Vlog or the video blog is a technique of inbound marketing which combines video and blogging, there by coming out with some stupendously fantastic outcome which helps the viewers to get hold and retain the information being imparted in the most effective and entertaining manner. This category is much famous on YouTube, which prompts businesses to use this technique more often. Who doesn’t like a worldwide reach?

You may very well compare a vlog with the scene in your school’s science lab class. Think of the person explaining the content in the Vlog as the teacher in your science lab and the viewers of the vlog to be the students in the class. Just like the teacher explains the concept in layman terms to the students, a video blogger explains the content of the blog. What’s more in common? The connection, an acknowledgement that a real person represents the brand. This is what raises the trustability factor among the customers.

People who haven’t explored Vlog yet are:

  • Not aware about it altogether.
  • Not sure as to why they should do it.
  • Wondering how they should do it.
  • Saying  that they do not possess the right equipment for using the technique.

As far as the ‘WHAT” factor is concerned, we have already shed light on what exactly a Vlog is. Now let’s hear out ‘WHY” businesses should do it.

Undoubtedly, it is a great communication tool and great(er) for building a personal connection. Hell, you can also get away with small mess-ups very easily, because when people watch you; they tend to focus more on the content and avoid small digs here and there. As we pointed out earlier as well, this category is a favorite on YouTube, allowing business to expand the reach of their content. Also, now people won’t just read your content, they’ll watch it. Vlog shall help you in expanding your audience- from readers to viewers!!

In order to make the ‘WHY’ element much clearer, here are the benefits of Vlog that’ll prompt you to board the Vlog bandwagon right away:

  • You get exemption from those repeated edits and scribbles for writing a blog post.
  • A vlog lets your business stand out among your competitors. And much more when your competitor might have not even heard about this technique.
  • It lets you explain the complex topics with much ease - like explaining a complex product and it’s features.
  • People viewing a vlog shall be able to recognize the person behind the information and appreciate him. This will give face to your business, thereby increasing the trust factor of the people in your brand.
  • A vlog attracts more clicks on the CTA. Since we know videos are easily shareable, so is a vlog. The chances of it going viral are very high!

Now that you know WHY YOU MUST opt for vlog and make it a part and parcel of your content marketing strategy, you must also know ‘HOW’ to do it. Right?

But well before we go about telling you how to vlog, we would like to introduce to some very interesting facts and figures. Over 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube everyday and the number of people watching YouTube per day is rising by 40% year on year since March 2014 (Source: Youtube Statistics). But, do all these videos leave an impact on the viewers? Simple answer is NO. Only few videos have the potential to conquer the viewer’s mind and retain there. Also, since the attention span of the people is dropping every passing day, the must make an impact on the viewer in the very first 10 seconds. Facts suggest that if the person is not glued to your video in the first ten seconds of the video, he is most likely to skip your video. So remember, your vlog’s first 10 seconds matter the most!

Desire creating a successful vlog, here’s what you need:

  • A story moving at a good pace.
  • Identification of your audience’s sweet spot.
  • Quality deliverables. Remember, with Vlog quality matters more than anything.

Note that the for Vlog, barriers to entry are low and hence anyone can do it their way. Just make sure that people fall in love with the way you or your business does it!

There are many softwares that come to your rescue for making a vlog. Shoot, edit and publish, 3 simple steps and you are sorted with your first vlog! For both PC and Mac users, softwares and tools are available. MovieMaker (for PC) and iMovie (for Mac) for example. Other most famous tools are Final Cut Studio, Fission, Final Cut Pro and Camtasia. Another emerging way of making a Vlog is through Skype Conversation. Many companies now follow the practice of recording a skype conversation between experts on the topic and sharing it on the blog. A tool named as Wetoku is famously used for this purpose.

Let’s say you are ready with your first Vlog. We’re sure it must be pretty amazing! Now the question arises where to put it? On what all platforms should you distribute it to reach your target audience?

Obviously, you’ll be placing it on YouTube but where else? Without taking much of your time, we’ll tell you the best places to distribute your vlog.

Here you go:

  • Your own blog, of course
  • Flickr
  • Facebook
  • TubeMogul
  • Vimeo ...Umm wait here are 6 more!

And yes, do try out WordPress and YouTube plugins like Genki YouTube Comments and Smart YouTube!

#Added Tip: Optimise your social media channels for best distribution of your Vlog. Be it Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest, shout out loud about your vlog everywhere!

Before we end up this post, here are some quick brownie vlog tips for you.

  • Audio of the vlog is of utmost importance. Don’t push away your viewers coz’ of bad sounds.
  • Be yourself. You want a successful vlog? Yes, then UNfake it.
  • Make it visually interesting. Let people glue their eyes to you. Make them hear you out.
  • Correct lighting can do wonders for you, make sure you take notice of it.

SouthWest Airlines has been using Vlog for their blog Nuts About SouthWest and they are nailing it like a pro! Sweet Leaf Tea uses vlog to show behind-the-scenes for adding the human touch to their blog. When we are talking about behind-the-scenes video for the blog, we really can’t give Stonyfield Farms blog a miss. Their videos are utterly genuine. They are in sync with their blog’s theme of family and farming. The videos have real people who live the lifestyle Stonyfields personify!

What are you waiting for now? Gear up and board the Video Blogging bandwagon instantly! Allow your audience to know you better, let them like and trust you. Make your way to building a rock solid blogging foundation! And..and,, share your Vlog with us. We’ll be happy to watch it :)

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