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Why is Visual Storytelling Important for B2B Content Marketing?

Feb 2, 2018 8:55:12 AM

Would you be interested if I told you that I make kick-ass videos to help promote businesses?

Or would you rather be interested if I told you stuff like:

How I started my video creation business when I was broke and fired thrice over from my day jobs?

And how got 5 clients in 3 months flat?

And how I helped each of them double their revenues using video marketing in 6 months flat.

Don’t be intrigued already, because that’s not my real story. I’ll tell you how I started B2W in another post.

What I’m coming at now is that the art of Storytelling is as old as the human race and it’s the most beautiful way you can inspire people.

It is at the heart of any human to human relationship.

Do you remember the last time you met a stranger and both of you had a lot to share with each other? You found a lot of common ground and eventually became friends and are still friends.

Personal anecdotes are the best way to connect with people who would understand you and know why you are doing what you are doing.

As a B2B business, I ask you to do one very simple thing. For a moment, forget that you are B2B business and have an audience that’s B2B.

Now think like this: Your brand is a human having a conversation with another human trying to help that other human out, also sharing some past experiences, anecdotes, and learnings.

When you start thinking like a storyteller, you start engaging your audience like one. That’s when you start building these strong relationships with those who did not even know your business existed.

That’s the power of storytelling and that’s what we at B2W have been doing over these past 8 years, helping clients to make their communication more effective through visual storytelling.

B2B storytelling can be executed in different formats. It can be done using videos, podcasts, newsletters, blogs, infographics and GIFs etc.

Many of B2B clients that we have had at B2W get averse to creativity. They would brief us into making something that’s ‘non-cartoony’ and has a very ‘formal’, ‘typical B2B’ approach.

We advise all of our B2B clients to never fall into that trap. You box yourself in a boring identity and you promise yourself that you’ll never get noticed let alone grab audience attention.

Get, creative, get funny, get entertaining, - A B2B audience loves all that - they all love to give away attention to what’s beautiful besides being helpful.

Let me now take you through some thought-provoking video content that we have done for some of our B2B clients.

Take a look at this B2B Animated Explainer video we created for WinSupply



The client is a big franchise of hardware solutions connecting consumers, contractors, and suppliers.

The video showcases Buddy, the super contractor who acts like the face of the brand. He is shown to win the game and get ahead by quickly placing an order on Win Supply online.

The video is short, snappy, and makes good use of a light-hearted business storytelling to build an emotional connection with the target audience. It creates a positive mood for the audience, inspiring and motivating them to try the online service.

Here is another interesting example of a video we created for Erdos Miller:


The visual story uses a character that resembles a corporate professional. It begins with the character looking stressed out about working late in the night and not being able to spend time with his family. The music in the background also depicts tension and fatigue.

It then talks about Erdos Miller, a company that helps corporate clients to develop electronic solutions that improve productivity.

At this time the mood of the music and the character become more hopeful and positive. It’s a story that most corporate professionals can relate to and would be intrigued to making an inquiry about the solutions.  

Story-driven videos are the best way to communicate with B2B prospects in each of their buyer’s journey stages - Awareness, Consideration, Decision, Retention.

You can make each your content type story-driven and make it more appealing to your target audience. Moreover, it’s the only proven way to build trust with them and have a lasting, fruitful relationship.

Do you have more to say about Visual Storytelling in B2B marketing? Please add your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.


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