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Video In Email: A Power Packed Marketing Fusion

Feb 29, 2016 5:29:53 AM

Is your company doing Email marketing?

Are your email marketing efforts getting you the desired ‘Clicks’ and ‘Opens’?

Ever wondered where you are missing the mark?

Tried including a VIDEO in Email yet?

Yes, you read it right! It’s the bang-on technique organisations nowadays are putting their efforts upon! Though the concept is not really new but has found more adaptation of late. Forgotten are the days when the only ‘desirable’ form of email marketing used to be Email Blasts. Over the course of time, companies started exploring multi-channel marketing platforms and consequently the techniques to cater their needs on those platforms.

Content Marketing is taking over everything, so how not on email marketing? A video is the man of the moment and most effective way of Content Marketing. Agreed?

And we couldn’t agree more that a marketing video can bring about a 360 degree revolution to how your audience perceive your organisation and it’s products. Email marketers everywhere, buck up! Video is your next frontier.

Anyone who might have thinking this while that emails cannot be dynamic and cutting edge would now have to come over these old conventions and see how this one of the biggest ROI drivers is changing the game for major companies.

Did you know that 82% of the marketers surveyed by Flimp Video Management said that video email marketing is very effective? This inference was derived in their 2014 Online Video Marketing Survey and Trends Report.

Just by adding some movement in your static mailers, you can actually TRIPLE YOUR ROI :)

Coming onto the implementation side of the story, we are well aware that not all the organisations have resources to opt for embedded videos, but yes they can always opt the alternatives to the video!

The alternatives...yes! What do I mean by them? Read on.

There are majorly three kinds of video we can include in our emails namely;

  • Embedded Video
  • Animated GIF
  • Cinemagraphs

Embedded videos do need HTML5 for viewers to view it. All you need to do is embed the video directly in your email by using video tag. This makes sure that your mailers don’t face any deliverability troubles. But you might have not been aware of the fact that HTML5 video is supported by 58% of email clients. Yes, this figure was revealed in  an infographic by Email Uplers.

Email Monk Stats

Dove Real Beauty Sketches | You’re more beautiful than you think campaign was an instant hit worldwide. It attracted uncountable eyeballs and helped the  brand leaving a lasting impression on people’s mind without actually talking about the brand itself! Videos will make sure that you’re providing an experience to your customers that is engaging and they want to click on. They’ll be more than excited to open your emails!

There are many email marketing platforms that support Embedded Videos, eg MailChimp, VMatrix, BombBomb and TailoredMail to name a few. Do try these and see which one suits your requirements the best!

Let’s also get aware about certain ‘bads’ that come along the embedded videos in emails.

  • Android support for videos is quite less and the concept has not been widely accepted yet.
  • You cannot embed outgoing links in the video.
  • There could be huge deliverability issues.

But there’s always an alternative!!

You must have come across mailers where you see an image and when you happen to click on the image, you get redirected to a video. Yeah? Well, that is something we call a Static Image Method. It’s one of the best alternatives to embedded videos where a ‘fallback’ image is created which is nothing but a static image that looks like a video.

Here’s what I found for you in my inbox.

Mailer Snippet

This is what a static image mail looks like!

Blog Snippet

And, once you click on the image or the CTA in the orange color, you get redirected to this landing page.

So, you know what to do if embedded video thing doesn’t work for you.


How can I forget Animated GIFs. Remember, the alternatives I mention earlier?

DELL, as we know slated the foundation for this innovation. It used simple animation GIFs and a few video frames and incorporated that into emails in order to raise the consumer engagement levels. And what this campaign did for DELL is something what every business strives for – a 109% lift in the revenue!!!

Their open rate raised by 6% compared to their quarterly campaign benchmarks. Not only this, they received a 42% increase in their click rate and 103% raise in their conversion rate! Beat that!

You might not believe me when I say a personalized and animated image boosted a company’s online sales by a hefty 288%! Would you? But it stands true in case of Helzberg Diamonds! Read the full case study here.

What’s the most beautiful part of it? They are really easy to create...like literally. So many tools are available online to help you create THE right GIF.  GifMaker.me is my personal favorite.

Just 3-4 frames, and a story is narrated. GIFs are powerful and shall be the most ‘in-thing’ in 2016!

Cinemagraphs are also not far behind. Yes, the other alternative to videos is this. Needless to say, how popular they are once you see this NETFLIX promotional shot.

There are many free apps and tools available for both iPhone and Android to create Cinemagraphs in few moments. Cinemagr.am, Flixel, iCinegraph, and Fotodanz to name a few.

Netflix Cinemagraph

You must have noticed that only one part of the image is moving. Right?

That’s exactly what a Cinemagraph is; a blend which lies between videos and photographs. It looks more or less like a looping video where only one part of the image makes movement.

In case you are wondering what kind of videos should you be integrating in your emails, then here’s a list for your consideration.

  • Training Videos
  • Product Demos
  • Product Promotions
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Brand Image Messages
  • A personal ‘Thank You’ Video
  • Walk-through Videos
  • Educational Video Series

Also, before I end this blog, let me not forget these important pointers.

  • Say no to Autoplay. Give viewers the space to exercise their choice.
  • Put clear, actionable and immediate CTAs.
  • Keep videos short and sweet.
  • Use the word ‘Video” in your email’s subject line.
  • Encourage the sharing of the video by giving Social Share and Forward to a Friend options.

All of this, however, would go in vain if you don't have the right email IDs in the first place. A bulk email verification tool can help you verify the emails you have so that they land in the right inboxes.

The online market is very very excited about this power-packed fusion of Email and Video. Marketers are constantly studying the engagement behavior of their viewers for producing better email marketing results. What are you waiting for? Get ready to be a game changer. It’s time to win email opens, click-throughs and conversions!

Count me in for your upcoming video marketing mailer subscriber list. Do let me know in the comments section below if you have any suggestions.

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