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Video Animation – From Pug Marks to ZooZoos

Apr 1, 2014 11:48:38 AM

Do you remember those days, when a small pug stole the show in Vodafone’s advertising? Yes, the ripple effect caused a jump start in sales of a beautiful little dog called a pug, little children all wanted a pug of their own!

The other spinoff of the pug usage in their advertisements led to Animal rights organization like People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) protesting against the usage of animals in advertising. Of course, the advertising had an immense brand recall factor through association with the pug, but the famed Ad agency that created the promotion had some serious rethinking and re-strategizing to do. The Vodafone creative brief was simple:

Create a series of 30 advertisements for each day of Indian Premier League, Season 2 to catch maximized eyeballs. After intense brainstorming sessions, the agency realized the need for a neutral yet iconic character through video animation. A historic spark flew, someone realized that Casper the friendly ghost was created by Seyomour Reit and Joe Oriolo in the late 1930’ s, the rights of which were sold to Paramount Pictures’ Famous Studios Animation division soon after WWII.  Since then, online cartoon videos and movies have undergone a sea change due to the advent of the digital age. Perhaps capitalizing on Casper’s personality, especially with children, Ogilvy & Mather came up with impressionable characters called ZooZoos.

The idea was mainly to make real people as animated as possible. Consequently, the little white creations you see with ballooned bodies and egg shaped heads are actually thin women wearing ZooZoo suits! Finding the right material for white suits was difficult because it had to be crease free and wrinkle free while the characters moved around.

In order to create a larger than life effect; the backdrop was colossal, and in neutral shades of grey during the shooting.  The stomach areas used stuffed foam, while the head used a little harder material called Perspex. The results were instantaneous. Vodafone received the PETA Glitterbox Award in 2009 for replacing the pug with a humane alternative.

There was a massive increase in fan following with 250,000 people on Facebook, Orkut and Twitter and more than 200 pages were dedicated solely to ZooZoos. Millions of people also watched the ads on Youtube, there have been over 3 Million views of the “Vodafone Zoo Zoo Ads all in one” video uploaded by the zoozoo fans. The writing on the wall is clearly visible; video animation leaves much larger footprints than little pugmarks.

At B2W we have taken a lot of inspiration from our predecessors and have created over a thousand animated videos which are used by companies all across the globe. Our personal favourite is the animated whiteboard video we created for Shipment Tracker. The client brief was simple, make a video that our audience can identify with.

And here's what Andy Swartz, Owner at Shipment Trackers, had to say about the video :
"We are very please with the production quality of our video. Team B2W was professional and flexible...a great combination!"

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