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A guide to share your story through whiteboard animation videos

Apr 25, 2016 7:09:53 PM

Standing out in the crowded world of video entertainment doesn't have to be a difficult task. A whiteboard animation provides an opportunity to creatively and uniquely tell your story or communicate your message with you -- or the person or object of your choosing -- as the star. As Eric Oakland writes on Business2Community, while there is no arguing with the beauty and entertainment value of an animated whiteboard video, "...this unique medium has so much more to offer than strict entertainment value.".

What's your story?

Your story might differ from your neighbor's and chances are that you will both have different goals for your stories as well. So that is a good place to start in answering the question: "what's your story?" Do you want to strip away the confusion of a complex topic to help your site visitors understand your process better? Explainer videos using whiteboard style are an effective method of doing so. As noted by Gary Lipkowitz, whiteboard video is "perfect for nuanced topics that need to be explained to a wider audience.".

Make your home page stand out

Let's face it -- most websites pretty much look the same when you approach them from their home pages. Either you are faced with a waterfall design that gracefully lets you scroll through the different sections or you have a static home page with some text about the company and maybe a picture or two. If your business is like so many other small firms that simply does not have the brand recognition, then it might not be immediately evident what its purpose is. Then a visitor has to click around the site to find out what the firm's purpose is. Adding whiteboard animation can instantly tell your viewers what your business does, saving them time and heaps of frustration.

Amp up your sales tactics

Use this style to ramp up your sales. Since about 90 percent of shoppers find that viewing videos is helpful when making a purchasing decision, using whiteboard video production services is the ideal method of utilizing a portion of your company's marketing budget. People who took the time to watch a video while on a website, ended up staying on that site for a full two minutes longer -- a statistic that is huge in this fast-paced world where it seems like people click out of a website almost as fast as they click onto it. Even more convincing is the fact that these individuals were also 64 percent more likely to make a purchase once they viewed a video.

Communicate a message

Every business has a message that it wants to get out to the masses. Small businesses, though have a more difficult time cutting through all the other items that are trying to capture the attention of their target audience. Using animation videos can help your small business deliver that message in a way that is fun and engaging. Broadcasting that message so that it is heard means going beyond the typical video of a key person within your business delivering news. Instead, whiteboard video animation -- with its entertaining figures that let viewers put themselves right in the middle of all the action -- make the perfect addition to your social media posts. Using whiteboard videos makes it especially easy to bring to life those abstract ideas that exist in your head and that might be difficult for others to imagine without some key visuals.

Use animation instead of white papers

While white papers definitely have a place on your website, some of your viewers might find their content too dry and technical to hold their interest for their entirety. Using these videos -- either in addition to or instead of -- white papers can provide a more vivid method of delivering the same information, but in a bite-sized format. When using such promotional video production in partnership with your white papers, you can provide viewers with an overview of a particular concept and use the white paper to drill down deeper with more intricate information that your viewers can access if they want to expand their knowledge.

Customised whiteboard animations help your brand gain trust, increase visibility, and build product awareness. They help you to tell your unique story in a unique way, simplistically delivering even the most complex message. Have you thought of utilizing this growing platform for your business? Let us know in the comments below.


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