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Sep 16, 2014 8:07:37 AM

Everyone loves a good story. We are surrounded by so many stories in real life all the time. Stories activate emotions and that’s why stories are a perfect way to convey a message than just flowery commentary and boring facts.

Storytelling has a major role to play in our explainer video industry too. Studies have shown time and again that we humans are driven by sight. A nicely drafted story makes it easier for the writers to form an emotional connection between the viewer and the product. Just think about the ads you first saw on TV as a kid. You may not remember all of them, but only those that had compelling stories to tell are still afresh in your mind.

To form personal and emotional connections with brands, marketers these days are using storytelling in their marketing explainer videos as an effective tool to keep their viewers glued to the screen for a minute. People remember better when an event is told to them as a story. Storytelling is nothing new. It has always been there but when we talk about explainer videos, this technique has grown impressively.

Here are a few tips you could use in your animated explainer video for effective storytelling  to intrigue the consumers.


Characters initiate a story and add emotions to it. They turn your brand more personal by the things they do in your explainer video.

The character of your video should reflect the style and goals of your brand. We prefer using simple characters in most of our videos so that viewers can easily understand the story. Having said this, if a project requires us to create cartoonish and surreal characters, we do that.

Make them hop, skip, jump, make them run or make them laugh. Just bring your characters to life and entertain your audience with their story.


Logical progression of random thoughts while scripting something is a must and your explainer video’s script should be no different. It should have a beginning, middle and an end like every story. The beginning can include introducing the character with his pain point; the middle can welcome your product with a solution to eventually move to a happy ending.


It’s not always necessary that you need words to tell a story. These days, infographic technology, stop motion animation, pictures and typography are also an amazing alternative for telling your brand story and attracting your target customers in a different way.  Viewers would only remember your video if they experience something they have not seen before. Perhaps, this is the only thing that would make your video shine apart. Make a memorable video.

So it’s time that you focus on storytelling as a powerful tool and how to tell the story of your characters. An animated video with a good story will give your product, the market position it deserves.


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