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Stop Uploading Your Videos to YouTube - Lets Do It the Right Way

Nov 26, 2012 6:19:56 AM

As scary as the title may sound, uploading your video on YouTube requires some work from your side, especially if you are really looking to get found and more so if it's a promotional video. Before we get started, here's why and what you need to do.

Have you ever found a video on YouTube with titles like AmazingSonyTechnology.mp4 or VideoPlayback_6.mp4 ,or a video without any description, and when you click to open it, you find that it is not what you were looking for? What are the odds of these kind of videos to go viral or to even get a decent number of views? Practically none.

So to get eyeballs, you not only need a good video but you also need to follow the following steps while uploading your video on YouTube.

Step 1 . Search for the right keywords

Nobody likes to see a video on SEO while they are searching for awesome apples. Right? So use relevant keywords. Those that will define your video and your potential audience might be searching to find videos like yours. Keywords should be relevant and as low in competition as possible.

Two tools that are extremely helpful for keyword research are the YouTube keyword research tool and the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Step 2. Form a descriptive and short title

Based on the keyword, cook up a title that explains your video, is short but still packs enough punch to attract your audience's attention.

For example, if your company offers video marketing services, a title like “video marketing service for startups” contains the right keywords (video marketing) and attracts the attention of the right audience, i.e., “startups”. Avoid long titles.

Step 3. Write the description carefully

Write the description around your keyword. Don’t risk being too pushy by stuffing keywords. Give some meaning to your description.
Do not write a full "about us" page in the description field. Nobody is going to read all that and it also defeats the very purpose of having a video.

Step 4 . Tag your video

Tag your video with the right keywords. Here you can push the limit. Just don’t try to add 100 tags; it looks messy. 3-5 tags are good.

Step 5. Share the video using social sharing platforms

Well, this is an extra step but we are including it as it should be standard practice after uploading the video. Once you upload the video, share the video on your Facebook, Twitter and other social channels. It will not only help your video get the initial push, but will act as a safe SEO activity too.

With these five steps, you can ensure that  your awesome video gets awesome reviews and likes from the awesome audience out there.


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