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Move Your Business To New Level With 3d Motion Graphics

Aug 30, 2012 6:17:33 AM

A video can be made either in 2D or 3D animation. In 2D animation a series of drawings are created to give the illusion of motion to its viewer, whereas in 3D the appeal in communicating a message is more sophisticated and direct. 3D animation can show a product from all angles, thus giving a real feel of it to anyone.

The advantages of 3D motion graphics:

Communicates motion: Portraying motion of a product at times becomes so complex that texts just fail to create a picture of it in anybody’s mind, for example texts cannot show the flow of air in various compartment of a product, but with 3D animation this can be made possible. 3D motion graphics can not only effectively communicate the motion of a product but also simplify its image in viewers’ mind.

To replicate an impossible scene: A product which is still under production but of which the end result is known, can be given an effect through 3D motion graphics. A viewer can be shown the image of a product even before it is being produced or developed. This is helpful to companies in generating the pre-launch response of a product. For instance, a construction company can, even before completing a project, show its viewers the image of the product as it will appear after being completed.

To intensify or de-highlight a view: With 3D animation it becomes possible to glorify as well as reduce the intensity of a feature of a product. For instance, if a prop is to be used it can be highlighted or de-highlighted depending on the need.

To give shape to your imagination and make it run wild: 3D motion graphics can give wings to anyone’s imagination and make it portray in real. With the use of animated Infographic anything, whether complex, imaginary or lengthy, can be given a real image onscreen.

To enhance the company’s image: 3D graphics can seriously give an image makeover to a company. Having a video in 3D creates a professional feel and image of the company in the minds of viewers.

Add to sales volume: 3D animated videos can draw huge crowd to your website, thus increasing the sale of your product. Just make sure that your video is of high quality as consumers expectations is increasing day-by-day due to proliferation of sophisticated animated films in the market.

3D motion graphics work using animated Infographic, which is an easier and non intrusive way to communicate a large chunk of information.

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