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Insider Tips To Make An Amazing Animated Explainer Video

Apr 27, 2016 3:16:03 AM

Including an Animated explainer video -- those short and concise little videos that serve up an explanation in a fun way to viewers -- on your website does not have to be an intimidating experience. Sure, they have the potential to increase your conversion rates up to 144 percent like some businesses claim which can increase the pressure. In addition, according to Animoto, almost three-quarters of consumers in the United States -- or about 73 percent -- are likely to make a purchase after they have viewed a video. While you might feel some pressure to slap together one just to have it up on your site, you should take the following insider tips into consideration first. Most explainer videos are placed on landing pages so you want them to convey the right type of information for the needs of your business.



Start with a script

Effective explainer videos need a solid script before they are even put into production. Kissmetrics notes that it is worth it to fill out a creative brief to tease out the details of what you want to accomplish. They note that hammering out a script really "...helps you think about your business at a high level and makes you define what really matters."

What kind of information should be contained in your script? Of course, it will vary according to your business's needs, but here are some basics:

  • boil down your service or product into two to three concise and descriptive sentences
  • specify the problem you are solving
  • name the audience you are targeting
  • top three benefits you want to highlight
  • explanation of how your product or service works
  • information you want to include in a call to action
  • any ideas for the creative direction of the video

Keep it short and simple

It is natural to want to any type of corporate video production or explainer videos to last as long as it takes for the concept to be made clear to the viewing audience. From a marketing standpoint, though you want to cater to the viewer of today. That person does not have a great deal of time to watch a lengthy video. Instead, according to Google, one in four shoppers watches a video while they are in the store and contemplating making a purchase within the next few seconds or minutes. This means that any explainer videos you have on your website -- landing pages are the ideal location -- need to be short, concise and to the point about delivering the information that consumers want to know. Otherwise, you risk losing their attention -- and possibly the sale -- to a competitor.

In a word, that image is -- professional. Everyone has seen those websites that have the cheesy graphics and videos that are obviously low budget. Even if a product or service is something that is needed by the viewer, a less than stellar delivery of its benefits and features is likely to conjure up doubts about the quality of what they are purchasing. In other words, make sure your explainer videos contain top-notch video components and voice overs.

Spring for the professionals

For a small business that has a limited marketing budget, it can seem like an ideal compromise to make your own explainer videos. Chances are, though that you are simply not going to be able to give your product or service the quality and dedication it needs in order to convey a professional image and make your mark. A firm that specializes in promotional video production is going to have years of professional experience in the industry. Not only that, the equipment they use is far more superior and specialized than anything you might have -- even if you are an amateur photographer. Perhaps, most importantly of all, a professional video production company that makes explainer videos is going to have the time to dedicate to your company. You, on the other hand, still need to make sure that your business runs smoothly from day to day so your time will be limited.

While sources disagree about the ideal length of explainer videos -- some indicate that they should be no longer than 90 seconds in length while others peg the ideal range at about the two to three minutes long -- it helps to have the experience of a video professional in determining the length of your individual explainer video.

Having a unique explainer video for your business can be an integral part of your video marketing arsenal and something that should not be overlooked. They help you not only to convey a message but help you to objectively think about your business and tell your story in an engaging, informative way.


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