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Importance of Videos in Search Engine Optimization

Jul 16, 2012 3:16:58 AM

Search engine optimization is a technique to increase the ranking of a website in a search result. This is done to boost the traffic to a website. Nowadays everyone, whether he is an individual or a business owner, wants to have his website pop up on the first page of a search engine. To achieve this objective they target the most relevant keyword of their business, and create content around them, for example a tour operator might look to create content around the keywords, such as “beautiful locations” and “exotic destinations” etc. After this, by fulfilling certain criteria, they promote it on several article submission websites to increase their chances of getting featured on the top few pages of a search engine.

The targeted key words are those which are the most popular among the surfers looking for the business one is dealing with. In other words, the key words are those which are most likely to make a search with. Now, if the words by which a search is made by a surfer matches with the targeted keywords, then the content related to that keyword is most likely to appear on top of the search pages.

Search engine optimization helps in garnering the traffic to a website. It helps both businesses and its clients to meet on a virtual platform. But this is not all; the inconvenience starts when a number of sites start targeting the same and same keywords, thereby minimizing the chances of getting their content feature on the top pages of a search engine. Videos, to the most extent, have today proved to be a good alternative to this situation. The search giant google also has, in recent past, started giving preference to search results featuring a video.

Now, a website integrating the videos related to its content is likely to appear earlier in search results as opposed to websites with texts alone. So videos alone can help a website climb the search ladder and appear on the top pages of a search engine.Let’s see some of the specific advantages associated with a video

  1. They can engage and retain the viewers’ attention like no other medium does.
  2. They can increase the conversion on a website.
  3. They cut short the time taken by a viewer to understand a business and its products.
  4. They can launch as well as demonstrate a product.
  5. They can portray the larger view of a thing which is otherwise not possible through texts.

YouTube, Vimeo and Metacafe etc. are some of the well known video sharing sites on which videos can be uploaded to increase their chances of being shared by more and more people. A video production company helps businesses in choosing a video that matches not only to their content but also to the business they are into.

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