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How Webinars Can Get You Boatload Of Leads

Feb 7, 2016 11:30:05 PM

Not able to generate high quality leads for your business?

Wondered what might be missing in your strategy?

Ever tried WEBINARS?

Yes, then you already know what I want put across.

No, then let me take you through this magical wand that can actually get you boatload of high quality and qualified leads. And, I bet that post reading this article, you’ll start using Webinars for lead generation...definitely!

We are all (almost) aware that webinars have some really informational stuff going their way. But, how many of you actually thought of using that knowledge for bringing leads to your table?

If you have, then I suggest you can stop reading BUT if you haven’t I’ll tell you exactly WHY you should use webinars and HOW you can do them best!

At first, for those who aren’t friendly with the terminology Webinar, here’s some information to start with.

Webinars are nothing but a Web Based Seminar. A seminar that doesn’t demand for people to travel and gather (literally) to a venue and attend it. In a webinar, the attendees gather in a virtual conference room on the internet. They take part in the event from the comfort of their home or office desk. It’s a cost effective method in which once the attendee logs in, she can sit back and listen to the presentation on her phone or the speakers of her computer and simultaneously watch the screen for better understanding. And yes, the method is not just one-way. It is interactive, indeed. The attendee can put up questions to a ‘live agent’ and she gets the response immediately. The live agent is nothing but an instant messenger to entertain the queries of the attendee’s as the webinar continues...

So, now that I have explained what a webinar is, let me know jump onto WHY you need it.

Here’s a list of benefits/advantages of using webinars for lead generation.

  • As we said earlier, they are very cost effective. And that too for both; the host and the attendee.
  • It shows a strong intent of the attendee in your company and it’s products. They value it and this why they registered for your webinar at the very first place.
  • Webinars focus more on information and knowledge imparting, which no other lead generation sources primarily focus on.
  • There are opportunities for various synergies. Partnerships with other major brands can be undertaken, for example, calling out the strategic decision makers to be the contributory speakers. Now how does that help?
  • You get a straight access to other company’s client list. They can be your potential leads.
  • There are high possibilities of word of mouth promotion for your company.
  • When it comes to conducting and attending the webinar, there are no geographical constraints. All we need is internet!
  • Webinars helps in engagement and building a great rapport with the attendees.
  • They can get you a great website traffic.
  • Webinars are an effective way to put your company as a genuine and trustable source of information.

I guess these benefits would have given you a fair idea about the importance webinars hold in today’s sales and marketing world. If you haven’t jumped on the webinar bandwagon yet, these reasons would have surely enticed you to do so right away!

Okay now, you know WHAT is a webinar, you know WHY you should do it, but you must also know HOW best you can do it.

A webinar takes planning, a lot of planning. Here I have a checklist for you, so you don’t miss out anything in planning your next webinar.

  • Choose a topic that attracts lot of searches. Google Analytics shall be your friend for this.
  • Select a tool to help you plan and organize your webinar. I suggest GoToWebinar, WebEx, Adobe Connect and BrightTALK.
  • Take hold of the registration link from the provider to put it your mailers.
  • Don’t forget to create a landing page on your website where all the information regarding webinar shall be provided. Your attendees need to know that afterall :)

Once you are ready with these basics, you must know what is to be done before the webinar and after the webinar. Being acquainted with this information, you can embark for a successful webinar.

Know what to do BEFORE the Webinar Day.

  • Add some personal touch to the emails to be sent to each attendee. Use MERGE TAGS for NAME, CITY/STATE for the same.
  • Do send reminder mails, for example, 7 days before the webinar day, then 3 days before and then on the morning of the webinar day itself. You’ll see most conversions on 2 days before the webinar.
  • Create exclusivity and urgency for the attendees like if they do not attend the webinar they are going to miss some treasure.
  • Set your registration and attendance goals intelligently. Almost 1/3rd of the registrants actually attend the webinar. So make sure you invite 3X people.
  • Focus your webinar on educational value and thought leadership. Give your audience a good enough reason to sign-up for your webinar.
  • In the reminder mails, send short teaser videos. They’ll get you better engagement.
  • Market your webinar topic and it’s speakers in every way possible; blogs, PPC, social media handles etc. Create enough buzz about the event.
  • Provide value to your audiences, promote industry best-practices, invite well known speakers. This will get you better conversions.

Know what to do AFTER the Webinar Day.

  • Always remember to ask for a feedback. It opens an opportunity for dialogue, maybe for a meeting, a quotation etc.
  • Send a Thank You mail to the attendees. Appreciate and acknowledge their attendance, it’s important! You may also place some additional offers or invite them to download the videos, PPTs or the webinar presentation.
  • To those who didn’t attend the webinar, send a separate mail saying you are sorry they couldn’t attend the event and ask them to see the archive of the webinar.
  • Categorize the registrants of the webinar for sales readiness and make sure your sales team follow-up with the potential leads within 24 to 48 hours of the event!
  • Add a calendar of the upcoming webinars on your website. Let your audience know your undying effort to educate and entertain them.

Though every business has it’s own frequency of conducting webinars, but the best practices say that a small business may conduct one webinar each month, a medium sized business must conduct 3 - 4 webinars every month and as far as large scale organisations are concerned, they should conduct multiple webinars every week!

I hope this article proves useful to you. Do send me an invite for your upcoming webinars, I’ll be waiting!

If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments section below.

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