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How We Became One Of The Largest Animation Video Companies

Aug 31, 2015 12:30:13 AM

Broadcast2world started with a desire of becoming a pioneer in communicating emotions through its animated videos, while helping businesses grow using this power. We started small but the love of our clients helped us grow bigger and bigger. Our dream is to paint this world with our videos.

The Internet has brought about a new revolution in the world of Start Ups. All a business needs today to kickstart itself is an idea, a website, and an effective medium for getting it across to the right audience. Something like a short animated video which explains who they are and what they do in the simplest and most entertaining manner.
With this in mind, in the year 2009, a dream began to take shape in the capital of India – a dream to become the biggest ANIMATED web video production house in the world.

We feel awesome when you smile, we feel touched when you cry. We drive emotions with our powerful videos. 

We are Broadcast2world!!

As a start-up for start-ups, we understood the one tiny but vital ingredient that every video needed was that “special something”… that can create an emotional connect to the audience. It is this emotion - the fear, triumph, joy and laughter which is the “Special Ingredient” in our recipe. And with everything in place, soon enough, start-ups from all around the world were getting a taste of it, smacking their lips, and coming back to us for more!

From just two employees in 2009, today a steadily growing team of over 80 artists and animators, work day and night in our swanky office, in a suburb of Delhi. With the latest tools at our disposal, we like to create immersive stories. So immersive in fact, that even we are not immune to it!

Then we take these stories, flesh them out a bit, add a dash of color, and weave our magic to bring it to life, turning it into one amazing video. Not that it’s all work and no play for B2Wiians! We work hard, and party harder! And the twain does often meet!

Today, Broadcast2world is a million dollar company, with a registered office in US and a presence in 4 continents! We are also the biggest merchant of the largest animation company in USA. But the story is far from over. There are many more milestones to cross, and the journey continues!

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