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How Video Can Be A Growth Booster For Start-ups

Mar 13, 2016 11:30:39 PM

Are you a start-up looking for some major boost?

Lack of popularity has been bothering you?

Do you face difficulty in introducing your deliverables to your target audience?

If the answer to these questions is a YES, then my friend, you gotta consult our video ninjas right away!

No one would ever deny this fact that our brain registers visual form of communication more than any other form. You know that fact...we got that. But what you might not be knowing is that about 96% of consumers find video helpful when making a decision online. Tong! Tong! Bells banging your mind already??

So, let’s get some orchestra playing ;)

Crazy Egg (a start-up of course) saw a magnificent raise of 64% in conversions post their start-up video went live.

Not just this, Dropbox, UrbanClap and visualy.ly created unbeatable buzz with their videos.

Other major brands such as Jellyfish, Dollar Shave Club, Spotify also used a video to launch their start-up into high gear! Why? Coz’ a paper pitch is always boring. A video just liven up your pitch like anything!

Not convinced yet?

Soon you’ll be, post reading these reasons why you need a video.

  • To introduce your products and services. Remember, no one knows you. You gotta catch your target audience’s attention.
  • To improve organic SEO and get better Google ranking.
  • To increase the chances of press coverage and virality. Who doesn’t like to go “viral’ anyway?
  • To increase the conversion rates, of course!
  • To showcase your brand’s culture and personality.

Got any better way than videos to do all these things?

So by this time I assume that you must have made your mind to go for a video...animated video...ummm animated explainer video...Bang on!

So my friend, how can I not help you with choosing the RIGHT video for your start-up?

I completely understand that start-ups have to work on shoe-string budget and in those limited resources, finding the right mix of type of video, the video production house, the resultant video...all that has to find an equilibrium. After all the efforts your company, your brand, your BIG IDEA deserves a master piece!

Let me just briefly take you through the options you may avail.

2D Animation

Undoubtedly, the MOST WANTED category ;)

Due to it’s affordability and ease of creation, 2D video have become a favorite among start-ups to introduce their new ideas. Use them for introductions, for product demos, app demos...literally anything! Trust me, they’ll be your best buddy to solve all your issues. So, if what you are looking for is a video that brilliantly explains your product, while being reasonably priced and is also appealing to your customer’s visually, 2D animated video is the way to go!

3D Animation

Best things come pricey ;)

3D animation is definitely creating a rage in the market space. Their ability to explain complex products with sheer simplicity is outstanding! And even if your product is simple, don’t worry, a 3D video will render it a ‘high-tech’ facelift. Remember the much loved  Panasonic Viera 3D TV commercial? If you’re looking to make an impact that commercial made on viewer’s minds, then jump on the 3D bandwagon!


Scribbling and doodling never miss to attract eyeballs 8-)

You might be unaware of the fact about whiteboard videos which Dr Richard Wiseman, a scientific-award-winning professor of psychology, once revealed. He stated how and why whiteboard videos outperform other types of videos when it comes to problem solving, memory tests, shareability and engagement levels. In an experiment he carried out in 2012, 15% rise in recollection was found accruing to whiteboard videos!

If gaining the viewer’s attention, making them learn about your product, entertaining them, stimulating viewer’s anticipation is on your checklist, then whiteboard is the RIGHT video for you!

Live Action

What’s better than a HUMAN touch?

People relate to Live Action Videos very well. Human emotions coupled with great script and acting leaves a long lasting impression the viewer’s mind. Your video can easily become the topic of discussion over a coffee, something people might love talking about. You never when it may strike the ‘viral’ benchmark and gets customers pouring in. Since they involve real location, actors, equipments etc, they naturally cost more than other video counterparts. But, with a right production house working for you; great ROI is much expected.


Nobody minds hours of effort being reduced to few minutes...or seconds maybe!

Animated infographics possess the ability to bridge the gap between what your viewers watch and what actually gets registered in their brains. They bring out the stories that lie beneath the enormous data that gets served to the viewer. The dull data converts into moving tale to capture the attention and imagination.

Would like your data to pop-out and attract many eyeballs? Infographic is your companion :)

You don’t need to invest on huge-budgeted marketing campaigns, instead invest in a small explainer videos. They’ll cost you 10 times less than those regular marketing campaigns.

I believe you have a unique idea and that unique idea deserves a unique promotion. Don’t wait much, set on the video boosters to your idea and get set go to the success ladder!

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