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How To Promote Your Explainer Video For Best Results

Aug 3, 2015 12:30:44 AM

So you finally have the Explainer Video you always wanted. Congratulations!.

The videos we make are mainly used to convert website traffic and to help attract investor funding. If you’re a Startup, forking over a minimum of $4K is like handing over your first-born child. Needless to say, it’s important to get a high return on this investment.

Now you can’t wait to see the conversion rates go through the roof. But to give yourself the best chance for that to happen, you need to use the video properly and promote it effectively to get the best results. Here are a few tips for doing just that:

Place your explainer video on your landing page

You don’t want people to have to scroll down to see your video when they get to your home page. Make sure it’s there in all its glory as soon as they arrive.

The ultimate purpose of a landing page is to convert a visitor into a lead and so this is the perfect place for your video to be! The video should ideally be placed right at the top so no one would need to scroll down to notice it. Make sure your landing page has all the relevant info to supplement the video.

YouTube – The Best Hosting Option

YouTube to your videos is what Australia is to Kangaroos! It tops the list of your Video Hosting options and telling someone to upload a video on you tube to make it viral is like advising a new driver’s license holder to drive carefully – Cliché, yet necessary!

Make full use of YouTube SEO to get your video to its deserved spot. You can also post the YouTube link of your video in the comments section of other videos to get more eyeballs to your video.  

Make your video a part of your e-mail signature

Adding the link of your explainer video to your official email signature can not only get you more views, but much more relevant views. Add a link to the video in your email signature. Have everyone in the company do the same.

Show it to prospects

Get your sales and marketing team to share the explainer video with your potential clients during Trade Shows, conferences, and meetings while introducing your company. Suggest the same to those responsible for business development and see the change yourself!.

Syndicate your video

Promote the video to existing contacts, not just potential customers or investors. Do you have an email list? Newsletter? Company blog? Personal blog? Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Can you communicate with ghosts?

Get someone from your office or a professional company to upload your video to all the important web portals like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Plus. It’s usually preferred to have an embed code ready for partner sites and popular blogs too.

Track the stats

You should use Google Analytics to track your video’s performance. It’s an excellent tool to see not only how many people saw your video, but their demographics as well as their attention span.


Write a compelling description and call-to-action to go along with it when you’re posting it. What problem or major pain point does your product solve for people..

Video Title

The title of your video should be more of a headline containing keywords and not just a running list of keywords. (ie. “How to Promote Your Explainer Video Using Keywords.” and not “promote, explainer, video, marketing, keywords, SEO”).

Social Media

It’s quite natural that you’ll want to share your new explainer video to your owned media lists (e.g., email, Facebook fans, twitter followers, etc.).

The fastest way to be sure you get views on YouTube is to promote your video with YouTube pre-roll ads. These can be anywhere from $0.08 to $0.20 per view. For doing that you can create two targeting groups- one for topics (your video shows up as related to the video someone is currently watching) and one for interests (your video shows up as related to the video topics someone usually watches).

You can also go with Facebook ads to promote your explainer videos. When you share your video in Facebook status update, you can promote that post to reach more of your audience. And, yes don’t forget to ask your friend, family or your staff to post the link on their timeline.

Twitter is also one of popular social media that can be used as explainer video promotion media. You can attach your video on every of your tweet, or mention it to your followers. If you want to reach more targeted viewers, use twitter search facilities. Type your keywords on the search box, it will give you results of tweets that contain your keyword. This means people that appear on search result probably will get interested with your topics.

Slideshare, one of the premium professional platform now allows to promote your videos. Give it a try!.

Social Bookmarking Site

Social bookmarking site also potential in delivering traffic to your explainer video. Here are some of big social bookmarking sites that have huge traffic: Slashdot.org, Reddit.com, Identi.ca, folkd.com, Digg.com. These sites have the potential to make your video go ‘viral’ in no time.


Now this shall depend on how good you can carry out the research.

Utilize Google to find blogs that post animated videos, email them asking to post your video on their blog. You may offer them some merchandise, goodies as a token of thanks..

Online Forums

Create a thread about your video in some online forums. Choose forum that has same topics with your video. If you don’t know which forum is suitable for you, you can check http://rankings.big-boards.com/. This site listed all forum in the world and rank them based on post and traffic..

Conceive, create and distribute.

That’s all there is to it. Go forth, make your video and when you post it, tell me so I can check it out!

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