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How Animated Product Videos Differ From Other Forms of Advertisements

Feb 28, 2013 3:07:54 AM

Internet has today made everything accessible at the click of a mouse; can it also promote a business the same way? Yes, it can! With several ways available to promote a product, the best is one which consumes less time and make the greatest impact on the audience. The constantly reducing attention span of online audience has made product videos a clear winner over all other forms of advertisements. Not only are they short, convey more, but entertain as well. According to eMarketer, online videos were the fastest growing ad format in the past year.

Product video—an introduction

A product video is the fastest and most effective way to promote and advertise a product. It is an audio-visual representation of a product, where related, necessary information is conveyed through the use of interactive elements, such as graphics, voice-over, sounds, music, colours and animated characters. The use of such compelling elements also helps in making the video entertain the audience.

How a product video production has an edge over other forms of advertisements:

Audience targeted: Unlike other forms of advertisements, animated videos can be made to target the pre-defined audience. For instance, if the audience is children, the video can have animated characters with child-like traits. Similarly, for a business oriented audience, the video can be given a professional look and feel to target them.

Attention grabbing: Videos are quick to grab the attention of the audience. On the other hand, textual advertisements, such as emails, newsletters and e-pamphlets, etc. can have a limited and bland effect on viewers.

Simpler to understand: Videos convey complex ideas in a visual language, making a message understandable to one and all, even without requiring a person to be proficient in a particular language.

Creates trust relationship: Videos create a trust relationship between a business and its audience. By giving a suitable demonstration of a product a video aims to achieve this objective.

Conveys more in less time: Animated videos are typically short in length, and because they are mostly in the form of a story, they end up conveying more in a less time.

Takes lesser time to create: With all its professionals sitting under one roof, a video production company can produce a video comfortably within an allotted time period.

Made to go viral: The greatest advantage with videos is that they can be shared on various networking and video sharing sites which increase their chances of going viral. This also results in making traffic flow to them.

No matter what kind of business you are into, a product video production should be your call to fulfill your product’s marketing needs. Not only are such videos known for their above mentioned features, but are also more value-for-money proposition for any kind of business.

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