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Go With Time - Add Website Videos To Your Website

Jul 23, 2012 2:04:03 AM
Videos have come a long way from being just an audio video production to become an inalienable part of anybody’s life. Today they are known for reasons more than one. They are actively being used in sectors ranging from education to demonstrational to instructional, gaming and several others. They could be short as well as long. A short video is made to immediately grab the attention of its viewers. They are best suited to advertise and promote a product. They have become a necessary addition to a website.

These days no one seems to be interested in going through the lengthy texts on a website. Everyone wants to gain information quickly and conveniently. This general human tendency has given rise to website videos. They make the traffic flow to website faster and make viewers remain engaged to business information.
Some of the features of website videos are:
  • They can very well showcase and demonstrate a product. Texts, on the other hand, are inadequate to show the demonstration of a complex product.
  • They have all the elements, such as graphics, sounds, photographs and different voices etc. which work in synchronization to enhance the overall effect of the video.
  • They can easily communicate the information without even making viewers feel the strain of getting burdened with new information.
  • They are hassle free and non intrusive in nature. That is, a viewer has to only push the play button on the video and thereafter the video plays all the information like a movie.
  • Since being a short video they are generally in the form of a story. The object of giving them a form of a story is to make communication of message easier and pull traffic to it.

According to a Michigan State University study, 65% of all people are visual learners, and 30% are audio learners. This shows that videos can do more to a website than what texts do in general. Website videos also make conversion faster than texts. They work as a short cut to long, dull texts and make the viewers go through them till their end.

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