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Get a Suitable Video to Communicate Your Business Message

Jul 6, 2012 2:00:56 AM

Marketing Video
Today people actively think of the best way to promote their products. They rely heavily on adding a marketing video to their marketing portfolio. Implix 2010 Email Marketing Trends Survey shows that the number of marketers planning to use video in email campaigns has increased 5 times since the beginning of 2009. That’s why today having a marketing video production is as important as producing a quality product. A Marketing Video is a short explainer video made keeping in mind the message to be communicated to the target audience.

Promotional Video
These days one cannot imagine producing a product without thinking of the ways to promote it. Promotional videos promote and demonstrate a product well. Video in email marketing has been shown to increase click-through rates by over 96%. A promotional video production can be made to launch a product and also tell its uses to viewers. They are economical and take lesser time to produce.

Product Video
A product video production is an audio visual presentation of a product. According to ReelSEO, E-commerce sites that use animated videos for business sell up to 45% more. These videos excite viewers to know more about the product and do something in getting closer to putting up an order for the advertised product. For example, to make a phone call or to leave a message etc. They make the use of different kinds of cartoon characters to catch hold of even the first time viewers.

Viral Video
Viral videos are in great demand these days. Cisco predicts that by 2013 90% of all web traffic will be generated by video. YouTube has, by providing people a common platform to share their videos, set the viral video rolling. Viral videos are immediate to catch attention because of their uniqueness. They, in all probability, make people express certain specific emotion which provoke them to share the viral video with more people. A viral video production may or may not be animated.

Commercial Video
A commercial website is considered incomplete without a commercial video on it. According to Comscore, people who view a web video are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors. A commercial video not only compliments the texts present there but also makes the communication of message of the website much easier and faster. For a good commercial video production it is important to analyse the similar videos existing on internet.

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