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Are Your Explainer Videos Failing on Social Media?

Apr 29, 2019 6:32:14 AM

Do you know that friend you have had, who only talks about him or herself? The one who never asks you how you’re doing, and his/her only topic of conversation is always self-centered? Just like you won’t like such a friend, social media audiences too don’t like braggadocious and self-proclamatory salesy feeds from companies and brands!

When your business sounds all transactional and commercial, then this is what your company’s social media feed would look like:

2Source: marketoonist

Again, sums it up by highlighting the 7 deadly sins of Social media marketing that businesses should avoid at any cost:


Social media channels are a medium for communication, and communications should never be one-sided. That’s the key for B2B businesses as well: Social media succeed by creating relationships, and for a relationship to work, it has to be a two-way street. If you fail to focus on your customers and would-be customers, your social media strategy will always fall short on generating the desired results for your business.


Your social media is the only group of effective channels where your customers and prospects interact with your brand in real time. It amplifies every other marketing communication of your business. Also, it  becomes the fastest and most accessible channel to establish trust and credibility during multiple touch-points throughout your buyer’s life-cycle. Half of Generation Z and 42% of millennials say that social media is the most relevant ad channel. Also, 3.48 billion people now use social media. That’s an increase of 9% from last year. Put another way: 45% of the total world population is using social networks. So majorly, you have everyone present on social media, whom you wish to include in the community of your brand advocates!

However, the sad part is that most B2B businesses say that they only invest in social media efforts because their competitors are doing it.  Also, most of their social media activity boils down to explaining what they do and what they offer. This ‘push your own salesy plot’ approach seems very myopic and results in bragging rather than engaging! And, this strategy might work once or twice as a fluke, but not in the long run.

B2B social media is more about education and entertainment rather than selling. It is about building thought leadership than creating just another blog. It is about resolving your buyers’ questions and concerns than hawking your own wares.

And, if you are still wondering why your business explainer videos are not working well on your social media channels, the simple answer is that there is a huge mismatch in what B2B marketers post on social media v/s what consumers actually want to see there. The Sprout Social Index of 2018 clearly elucidates this fact with the help of the following statistics: 59% people prefer posts that teach something, 56% people prefer posts that entertain and 49% people prefer posts that inspire. However, sadly, most B2B marketers overuse and abuse social media to mash it up with too technical and salesy explainer videos that cut no ice with the target audience.

So, the gist is that each time you post on social media, you need to display a clear brand personality—which is why you need a social media explainer video. This personality should be derived from what your target audience is looking for. This means it should consider things like the kind of language they use, the content they enjoy, and other factors that help you connect to the community you’re trying to engage. For a B2B brand, this typically means remaining professional but still allowing yourself to appear fun, friendly, and conversational.

Here’s an example of how Dropbox decided to be friendly and conversational in their video marketing approach on social media:


Another B2B brand that has aced its social media game is Hubspot! And, they realized it way back in 2010 that in a rapidly advancing age of digital marketing, entertaining and engaging content will rule the ballgame of inbound lead generation! Let’s watch what Captain Inbound had to say on this:


According to this video from Hubspot:  “In a survey of hundreds of companies in 2010, it was found that the ones who blogged had 55% more website visitors, and with the right calls to actions, they could get a 10% or higher CTR from the blogs to the lead conversion forms!” Impressive statistics, aren’t they?

However, this is 2019 and merely publishing blogs and posting them on your website will only do half the good and win you only half the battle! The Sprout Index cited earlier highlighted an important statistic on social media engagement: 58% of consumers prefer visual-first content, with their main preferences being graphics and images, and produced videos.

So, here’s the magic potion: Edutainment stories are the key to excel on social media! This means that your social media stories should be an assortment of educational content that ‘simplifies’, and entertaining content that keeps your audiences hooked!  In a cumulation of social media statistics for social media managers, here’s what Hootsuite found out: Stories are growing 15 times faster than feed-based sharing and they are set to outpace feeds in 2019.

Now, given so many facts, what do you think is the right way to go ahead?

  • Posting and promoting jargonized and salesy explainer videos on social media?


  • Repurposing your entertaining and educational content through video stories?

The right choice is definitely option 2. And, if you are puzzled and clueless on where this huge pool of edutaining content would come from, then actually you didn’t know that you already have one!


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