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Creating Animated Videos

Apr 17, 2012 3:04:46 AM

An animated video created using 2D or 3D animation is useful in a number of fields. It can be used for the purpose of teaching, training, demonstrating a technique for playing an instrument or making a move in a game. In an altogether different application it can be used in the field of marketing and advertisement. An animated video has several obvious advantages like they are interesting to watch and convey more information in less time. They attract more viewers giving the video a viral effect in terms of popularity. Such videos can be uploaded on search engines like Google or on YouTube or posted on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Once they have been posted they gain instant popularity by the process of sharing. However, it is not necessary to use a camera to make a video. A more trendy option is to create animated video. It should be kept in mind while you make animated video that it is an interface between you and your client. Hence, one should create animated video that is interactive.

To create animated video a lot of time and effort is required. Also, in order to make animated video with an added edge one needs to have sophisticated computers and other equipments. A lot of technique and skill is required to make animated video. It should be of proper duration - neither too long nor too short. A video that is too long would be boring to hold the viewer’s attention. On the other hand, a very short video may miss some important points. Hence, a number of things should be kept in mind when you create animated video.

To make animated video of high quality, an expert should be approached. There are a number of professional video production companies that make animated videos. Other than the creation, pre and post services are also provided at one place. Before starting to make a video the client needs to explain the expert all his requirements and purpose of the video along with the budget and duration. Expert artists and designers design the characters, the script and a good background sound is used that is apt for the video. To create an animated video the dialogues for characters are written by script writers.

While the experts create animated video they can also use text to support the video. A caption added to the video can help a great deal while it is being searched. After the process to create the video is complete, a professional editor edits it. An expert is well versed with the knowledge needed to create animated video. To make animated video an expert uses the latest software and techniques. An animator uses his creativity and experience to make animated video as per the expectations of the client. To create animated videos that are to be used for marketing purposes a different approach to the video may be required. It should be able to put across the message about service and products of a company to the target audience in the best possible way.

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