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Cracker Free Diwali - Animated Videos for Business Broadcast2World

Sep 29, 2019 11:51:00 PM

Happy Diwali

For a typical Indian kid the zeal of Diwali comes with crackers. Usually for kids, Diwali commences with the excitement of buying the latest crackers and gets over when their stock runs out. But thanks to the awareness about the health as well as the environmental hazards of bursting crackers, slowly but steadily, this industry is declining. And celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali has now become the ‘’In-thing’’ all over the country.

In the year 2014, Micromax uploaded a video on Diwali that went viral. The video was to spread the message of how bursting crackers brings out the monkey in us. They promoted it with a tagline “Celebrate the festival of lights, not sound. Attain #MonKeyShanti. Happy Diwali”. This was a great move by companies taking up the help of explainer videos to spread a noble message and make an appeal to the people. Watch that video right here !

It is no more prudent and customary to dig a deep hole in your pockets for buying crackers that only cause health issues accruing to noise created by burning of the crackers as well as pollution they create outside our homes which makes it really difficult to breathe. Instead, families are now moving back towards the traditional ways of celebrating the festival. They now are preferring lighting diyas and candles instead of consuming a prodigious amount of electricity, decorating their houses with rangoli (that too herbal) and recycled material instead of plastic accessories. The eco-friendly diwali is the new vogue!

Festivals are surely the time to start something new. Some people buy new things like clothes, cars, houses, accessories etc on Diwali. But how about starting a new way of celebrating the festival altogether? Yes, this is what Big Bazaar is promoting from it’s new ad commercial. The way they are promoting the concept of #PaperPatakha is commendable. Have a look at #ShubhShuruaat video here.

Eco-friendliness in celebrating Diwali has been taken up to yet another great level. Wondering how? People are now opting for eco-friendly crackers which outturn paper flutters and coloured lights on bursting and not the painful sound. Another noble step which many people are taking is to render their waste clothes, toys which are discarded during the cleaning process to the under-privileged instead of disposing them.

Our director, Ms Rita Kapur believes that “even if you are not able to provide gifts to the unprivileged people, at least you can spare some time to spend with them.” This is how she plans to spend her Diwali this year.

Other ways in which people are celebrating Diwali is by buying the stuff like diyas and candles from local street sellers instead of buying that stuff from expensive malls and shops. By following this idea you can help these unprivileged people in earning some good amount and enjoy the festival to the fullest. Isn’t that a great way to spread happiness?

We, here at Broadcast2world are strong supporters of a cracker-free Diwali. Though some people opt for a cracker free Diwali not because of the dire consequences but because of the pollution they have to stick into their homes and find out ways to celebrate Diwali indoors.  And now when we see more people pitch into the idea of a perfect pollution-free Diwali. Thus now when the idea of a cracker-free Diwali does not sound alien anymore, numerous people are joining the league seeing the high environmental fluctuations we are facing. With the cognizance that we need to act on it now or it may be too late, it is just going to get better, we hope, for the earth and for those impoverished children who trample and risk their lives in factories, making these crackers for us.

Broadcast2world wishes everyone a happy, prosperous, safe and noise - free Diwali :)

We would love to hear from you in the comments section below about how you are planning to celebrate a #PollutionFreeDiwali this year!

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