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Convey Your Message With Infographic Animation

Jun 5, 2012 2:24:56 AM

Today we are increasingly getting surrounded by more and more information. At the same time it’s also getting difficult for everyone of us to not only remember but also to convey them to others.  This discrepancy can be met by the use of animated infographics. Motion graphics uses Infographic animation to convey a large chunk of data in an informative and fun loving way.

Infographic animated videos can be used to impart training, give educational lessons and instructions etc. Unlike static Infographic, animated Infographic makes a message get across in the form of videos and moving images. They make large texts broken into parts, and then they are moved in from different angles and directions to make the viewers feel engaged to them. They are accompanied with the sounds and different voices to make the data clear to the target audience. In all they enhance the overall effect of the video. A video with Infographic animation can make the traffic flow to the website faster.

Animated videos made by animation video maker

To get an animated video that is complete in all the aspects, selecting a professional, experienced animated video maker is important. They can understand the need of a business, like its target audience, the data and the message to be conveyed, and make a video as wanted by them. To make animation video special characters such as that of an animal or person are used. The idea behind this is to give them a larger than life image. This is done to make the viewers associate with the characters.

To make animated video rich in quality and good in content the following points are to be considered:

Traits: The characters in the videos must have a particular trait. They should be made to behave and react in a particular way.

Audience: Always make animation video considering your target audience. Without knowing your target audience the effect of video will not play to its potential.

Image: Character used in the video must create an image in the minds of viewers so that they can start identifying the business more with the character. This can be done by making character associate with the product of which the video is made. This creates a functional relationship between the viewers and company.

Storyline: Such videos must have a well produced storyline. That means they must revolve around a great story. This is done to give a wholesome effect to video.

Viral effect: To make such videos a winning piece, they must generate a particular emotion inside the viewers. Characters used therein may be deliberately made to behave in such a way that they give the feelings of shock, awe or humour etc. Generation of such feelings in viewers can make them to share the videos more and more with others, thus giving a viral effect to them.

A well known animation maker can make an animated video keeping in mind the above mentioned points.

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