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Can High Quality Content Decrease Your Advertising Spend?

Jan 4, 2018 7:49:14 AM

I see 80% of the marketers around me spending heavily on their paid campaigns without focussing on the quality of the content being advertised, and my concern is, they will never be able to realize the impact of spending on quality content.

So I want to take this opportunity to share some real time facts and examples which might help people around to see how content if done right, can increase the impact on your campaign and bring your cost of advertising down. If that's not the case, you should be concerned as a marketer. Let's look at the 1st example of our Linkedin remarketing campaign below:



So if you see because of the social engagement the increase in the impact of the campaign is by at least 25% and if you compare the 1st video ad with 2nd image ad the engagement rate 50% is more. Even if we do a simple maths here let's say image would have cost you $100 against an animated commercial for $2000 and your advertising spent is $20K, so when you thought you were saving $1900 on content production, you lost at least $10K and more on the lower side.

Let me show you our 2nd example from my Google AdWords campaign. If you compare my stats from last year for months June-August, you will see my cost per conversion has come down drastically from $204 to $86 currently which is almost 100% improvement.



So how did this magic happen overnight because of my Google AdWords techniques and new landing pages given below? So I invested in designing my new landing pages using the Unbounce tool and the results were phenomenal.

Old Landing Page:


New Landing Page:


Let’s move to our 3rd example of Linkedin Organic Post below:


So if you compare both of my posts in terms of numbers, the 2nd post got me 4X results and for your information, both were video posts. The only difference I could see was the quality of the content in my post, it took me more time to write the 2nd Linkedin post apparently and I have been doing this regularly now which has given more engagement. Also, the key is to answer all your comments on the post to value your readers and keep the engagement on. Technically it keeps your post alive on the Linkedin timeline each time someone likes or comments on your post, which in turn increases the views of your posts. The same principle applies here as well what you give is what you get in return.

Let’s move to our 4th example of the keyword “the evolution of animation” for which we rank for number 1 in the google search. You can review the content below:


One of the primary reason for our ranking is an honest piece of detailed content with a lot of examples and videos. Though it is a short article a lot of research and hard work was put in to produce this piece of short, snappy content for our audience.

Let’s move to our 5th example of 3 Ebooks we have written in the last one year given below:

#1. Video: The Ultimate Growth Hacking Weapon


#2. 7 Best YouTube Alternatives To Host Your Business Videos


#3. 3 Important Video Marketing Takeaways From The US President Donald J. Trump


Guess what we got the maximum download from which Ebook?

The 1st ebook about Video: The Ultimate Growth Hacking Weapon which was downloaded 221 times compared to other ebooks which were together downloaded for 61 times. So if you compare the title of the ebook and banner designs below, 1st ebook always stood out. Also as a background story, it took the most time to conceptualize and design this ebook comparatively in terms of content and concept.


To summarize my learnings and as a piece of advice to my fellow marketers, please focus on creating valuable content for your target audience, don’t compromise on the quality of the content for timelines and money. If the content is done right it can drastically reduce your marketing spend, also as human beings in our egos we always tend to feel what will work for our target audience - no still create multiple variations of your content and give that freedom to your creative agencies to advice you on how to create those variations. As a first step always A/B or do multivariate testing with a small budget and see which content is generating more engagement, than once you know which content piece is the winner put rest of your budget on the same. You will be amazed to see the ROI compared to your old campaigns. I would like to highlight a similar recent case study where UBER India came to us for their video content requirements; their plan was to create one long format video explaining their new product. But we advised them to create at least three short animation video series with different case scenarios keeping the app explanation part same across the content with slight increase in their budget and put it to testing organically on their social media platforms. Now their engagement stats can guide them to choose the winner video content and they can invest the planned advertising spent on the content which works rather than doing it blindly.

Have you come across similar stories or case studies? Please share your experience with our people and help them make the right decision.


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