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Animated Explainer Video Production: Tomorrow’s Drivers

Jul 17, 2019 8:58:00 AM

Animated Explainer Video Production

The Client
Tomorrow’s Drivers is the number one choice for Ontario driving students who want to learn differently and actually enjoy the process of getting their Ontario G1 and G2 licenses. With more than 10,000 successful drivers till now, Tomorrow’s Drivers is one of the leading driving schools in Canada.

The Need
Let’s face it; people today are always in a hurry. You need to do whatever you can grab their attention. The use of an animated explainer video is a great way of promoting a product or service because it manages to grab attention of the viewers in just a few seconds. Tomorrow’s Drivers wanted to raise awareness about their driving school through an explainer video to attract more people to join it.

Target Customers
The target customers of Tomorrow’s Drivers are teenagers who want driving licenses along with learning to drive a car efficiently and safely. So the project was to create a video that was fun and enticing along with being informative.

Our Animated Video Solution
Our animated video emphasized on the fact that Tomorrow’s Drivers not only help its students in getting a driving license but also teaches them to drive safely and responsibly unlike other driving schools. So, the creative team decided to emphasize mainly on this factor. In the video, it is shown that there are tons of schools out there that can get you your licenses at a low cost, but what happened to actually learning how to drive? In the video it is shown that many of the students who went to other driving schools gets into problems like accidents, mishaps, caught by police etc. because these schools don’t actually give more importance to teach its students drive safely and responsibly.

This is when Tomorrow’s Drivers scores over others as it offers best drivers’ education program with a ministry approved course. The team of Broadcast2world used simplistic graphics and made the best uses of colors that match the business philosophy of Tomorrow’s Drivers while coordinating with the look and feel of its logo and website, creating a simple yet dynamic video. Using the best animated explainer video production techniques, we made the video as apt as possible.

Video Transcript

There are so many different people out there; Scared, nervous, excited, impatient, over confident, and anxious.
But all of them have something in common. At some point in their lives they all need a driving license.

There are tons of schools out there that can get you your licenses at a low cost.
but what happened to actually learning how to drive?

Well, that is something only professionals can handle!

With our patient, experienced and dedicated instructors and their proven collision avoidance techniques, 98% of our students pass their road test on their first attempt and are defensive drivers for life.

Make the right investment, driver education is a matter of life and death.
So beware!! In the long run; cheaper driving schools could end up costing a lot more.

If you want a professional driver education program, steer away and drive to Tomorrow’s Drivers,” A Different Driving School” where 100 percent satisfaction is guaranteed.

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