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Add Power And Emotions To Your Message With Kinetic Typography

Aug 14, 2012 5:36:07 AM

Kinetic typography makes static texts convert into dynamic texts. This is an animation technique that makes the texts movable in a well synchronized fashion so that their movement and presentation, instead of looking clumsy, looks great. The idea behind such a concept is to make texts more interactive and consumable by the audience. And what’s more, to make them more effective they are backed with right sounds, images and different voices etc. The particular object of this technique is to break information in smaller chunks to make the message of the video not only clear but also enjoyable to everyone, young and old alike.

Advantages associated with kinetic typography:

  • With their use non interactive texts can be made interactive. Now texts can no longer be boring or same in their presentation, instead they are animated and complimented with sounds, charts and graphics.
  • They catch the attention of even the people with the shortest attention span.
  • They can be found everywhere such as in visual commercials and on websites etc.
  • They can make animated video come alive in front of its viewers.
  • They can invoke in its receiver a particular emotion, such as that of happiness and shock etc.
  • Unlike text, they can, with the background repetition of words used therein, communicate the tone of voice associated with a word. This makes it possible to convey the same tone with a word as it was intended to convey in the first place.
  • They are way ahead in their expression when compared to emoticons.
  • They make the traffic flow to them.
  • They are well received and remembered for a much longer duration.

Kinetic typography is actively being used in animation videos. To make animated video with kinetic typography, professional companies use special characters such as that of an animal or a person. These characters give a theme to such videos and make them come out more like a story.

Kinetic typography has today redefined the way people communicate with each other. Now texts can literally be made to behave in front of its viewers!

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