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A Video Production Company’s View: Ethics is the Key

Mar 21, 2014 8:33:23 AM

A racist YouTube sales video is in the vortex of a bizarre advertising contract decision. An Advertising campaign for a Commercial law firm, McCutcheon & Hamner, P.C., has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. The sales video depicts a white man dubbed Mr. Wong Fong Shu attired in oriental costume and straw hat yelling in a thickly Asian accent:”Insurance company try to mess me over. I needed a good lawyer. Confuscius says”
Time Magazine called it “the most racist ‘not racist’ ad for a law firm.’

The law firm seemingly went into damage control mode by posting on their Facebook page stating that their site was hacked and they never approved the video. The law firm’s Joel Hamner told ABA Journal that he received death threats over the video, and further told Above the Law magazine that firm had completed an internal financial review which revealed that his firm had not contracted Definitive Television to produce the video directly or indirectly.

The video was removed from the law firms You Tube channel but remains live on Definitive Television’s channel, where it enjoys more than a quarter of a million views. Definitive Television’s channel executive, Jim DeBerry claims otherwise, stating that his company was contracted “through an intermediary” to produce the video and asserts that the script was written and submitted by the Law Firm.

Claims and counterclaims followed, in order to create a controversy, to up the hype of a definitely racist video with definite racist undertones.

Ten hours after the first video was released, it came back with a rider: "We are under no obligation to take down the video, after viewing the interest we will keep it up.”

While the law firm claimed they were viewing legal action, and DeBerry admitting documentation was a ’loose procedure’ and tweeting the standard “I am not a racist” in his defense.

It seems morals and ethics have a taken a back seat, while the ‘war’ of words continue to attract hits through cheap, unethical publicity. How long will they stretch their 15 seconds of fame?

Advertising by belittling a segment of society, will get them on shaky foundations. The audience response on their targeted audience will have a negative effect on the video production company in the long run.

We as a premier animated video and promotional video maker with “Born to be viral" as our everyday mantra, ethics are naturally ingrained in our collective psyche. We view and review all our video productions before getting it vetted by experts in their field. So that our clients remain on strong footing, minus any cheap stunts that only cause transient blimps. That is exactly what we promise you, the key to creating global masterpieces that generate leads continuously, like a tool with an unlimited battery. We ask you to check out some of our masterpieces.

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