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9 Ways To Make Your Social Media Updates Creative

Jul 11, 2015 6:00:22 AM

Social Media is a big deal in today’s media driven world! No business can survive and grow today if they are not into social media marketing.

Content marketing on platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Linked-In is a must for any young business in today’s cut throat competitive world. Facts suggest that nearly 27 Million pieces of content are shared every day! If you constantly keep creating and sharing good content, that your followers would love to share, you can achieve more engagement with your Social Media audience in minimum time. You’ve got to be kidding yourself if you haven’t come up with a social media marketing strategy yet.

In this blog post, we are going to tell you some quick and easy ways to make your social media updates more effective and engaging. So, here’s how your social media team can increase your visibility and engagement on social media.


There are a lot of good blogs and websites that post useful content regularly. It’s not necessary that you should only share content that has something to do with the industry you’re the part of. There are a lot of other subjects that are always being talked about or trending on Twitter and Facebook. There are also a lot of good videos out there that have some great stuff to share. They may be tutorial videos or even random funny stuff that you can share. Share creative advertisements you come across on YouTube and use them as a reference to a subject you are talking about with your social media or blog readers. All you need to do is follow helpful blogs and websites from where you would get your content. If you can go out and create your own videos or ask your creative team to create fresh content by their own, it would be even better.


OK, so your company just completed five successful years in the business or it’s been an year that you launched a major project or you have added a new member in your team, go ahead and share the news with your followers. It will not only help them connect emotionally to you, your followers will also enjoy celebrating the success with you. It’s one of the best ways to connect at an emotional level with the audience and make them feel that it’s not just another company page they are following but a human being who has been sharing content and news with them.


Hash tags! They are almost everywhere now. Giving the right hash tags to your posts is important but what’s more important is following the latest hash tags that are currently trending and see if they can be shared with the your followers. Hash tagged event like Facebook’s #ThrowbackThursday or Twitter’s #FollowFriday have been popular and there are other such events happening on other social media platforms too. Encourage your followers to be a part of a conversation on the featured hash tagged event or happening. It will surely improve your connection and relationship with them. #period.


Giving a sneak peak in the lives of the people behind your brand can always be fun for both you and your followers. You can interview a different staff member every week and share their thoughts and beliefs with your followers in a cool and candid way. You can also include a picture or two of the staff member you choose to interview. Ask them questions that people would love to get the answers to. Your staff members can talk about their experiences in the company or the growth in that particular industry they work for or may be offer future predictions for a new product or company. There’s no problem in asking them questions about their personal lives but preference should be given to questions and discussions that would help your followers and customers in general which to some extent relates to our next step which is asking your followers questions that everyone is interested in.


While there may be regular ways to keep track of your audience through a survey on the net or on your blog, sometimes simply posting a question and getting to know the views and opinions of your followers can be fun and interactive. It gives you a quicker response and feedback. The questions you choose to ask your followers could be related to the industry you serve for or could be of general help or importance to your viewers, for example, “Which is the best android phone right now?” You can also create hypothetical situations and get a response from your followers through “What-if” questions. And then, there’s always a chance to answer their questions as well which takes us to our next tip.


Regularly monitor your social media and track keywords related to your business and competitors. Keep a check on the questions being asked on your Facebook posts or general questions being asked related to your product and service on various social media platforms. Answer these questions in a friendly and personal way rather than being too pushy. Don’t try and act like a salesman who is pitching a product. Be casual and helpful instead. It will help you grow your network and connections on the social media with a larger audience. Make sure to mention about your product in such a manner that it doesn’t come out as an endorsement or ad.


Who doesn’t like refreshing and humorous posts in their news feed on Twitter and Facebook? Memes and jokes are one of the best ways to get response from your followers. You will find a lot of relevant and funny memes to share and it would be great if you can also create your own memes related to your own business or industry.


Request all your business associates, clients, investors and friends to write testimonials about your company and their experience of working with you and share them on your Social Media Pages. Share reviews that your website receives. Re-tweeting testimonials and reviews would build the much needed trust with your clients and associates. It’s a great platform for you customers as well, to share their experiences and what they liked about your company with others and that can build a strong customer base for you eventually.


Audiences always love watching behind the scene scenarios of events and happenings just like they love watching goof ups at the end of a movie. Take them behind the scenes. Filming your team at work or just chilling can be a nice way to introduce your company’s work process and environment. Many brands have tried this way to present their company to their customers. It offers transparency and authenticity to your company and work and keep your followers interested in your brand or product.

Remember, the Tweets that you post come under three categories. Posts that are about your company are Personal Tweets while posts that have to do with a product or service are Promotional Tweets. Tweets that add value for your fans are Purpose Tweets. But it’s not only the tweets that you should be concerned about. Every social media platform is as important as the other. Facebook and Twitter are undoubtedly your best bets but this doesn’t mean you should play less attention to Pinterest or Linked-In or Instagram or Google Plus.

Make sure that you share useful links, answer queries and ask questions, share funny memes and jokes, add trending hash tags, add reviews and testimonials and your social media interactions and engagement with your potential and existing customers and followers would take a new direction in better way. The direction that would lead to success.

It would be great if you can share some more useful tips to turn social media updates creative in the comments section or if you have any questions regarding your social media management, our experts would love to respond to your doubts.

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