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7 Ways To Make An Engaging Video Script

Mar 13, 2013 7:05:46 AM

The script plays a major role in creating a good animated video. After all, an enchanting communication persuades everyone. Not only does the right script convince, but it also assists in deciding the appropriate length of an animated video. But often, video scripts are not given the same kind of attention that's given to animation, storyboards or characters used in an animated video.

So why does the script need all that love?

It is the script that makes a video and not the colors, music or anything else. The visuals in a video will fail to convert if they are not backed with a corresponding script. Visuals with a poorly done script have a tendency to affect viewers differently. On the other hand, a good script makes the visuals more clear and easy-to-understand to viewers.

Coming up with an awesome script doesn’t need much; all you need to do is work on attracting and retaining viewers’ interest, while assisting them in solving the problem that they might be facing.

Here are 7 steps for that awesome, engaging script:

1. Hold your viewers attention right away: Do you remember how we were told stories in our childhood? Didn’t they catch our attention right away? The same goes with the script; it should be compelling enough to make an instant connection with your viewers. So how would you do this? Simple! Just show your viewers that they have enough reasons to continue watching your video. Grab their attention right from the beginning by showing that you have the solution for their problem .

2. Keep the basics right: Your primary objective is to tell what you do and how you do it. Unless you succeed in telling them about what you have to offer and reveal the ease in using it, nothing else, however beautifully done, will qualify for a good script. Adding a short, cute slogan to your script can go a long way to let your message remain afloat in the minds of your viewers. Further, keep your sentences short and simple to let your viewers remain engaged with your script.

3. Introduce yourself: It is important to introduce yourself and your offering in the first part of the video itself. The reason behind this is to make your viewers aware of the crucial information as early as possible, so that even if they don’t end up watching the video to its completion, they still come to know of all the necessary, relevant information.

4. Target it to answer all the queries on the offered product: Knowing about the concern and queries that are likely to arise on your offered product helps to create a sound script. Your script must aim to tackle all such necessary queries.

5. Introduce your pluses and essentials quickly: If you are offering anything extra, such as a free trial, sample, gift, credit-points, after sale service, video conferencing facility or anything else, you must glorify and introduce them quickly. This will make your offer irresistible and will also go down well with yours viewers.

6. Consistent value: You need to make your script a continuously engaging one. This could be done by adding advice, tips, facts, quotations and humour, etc. to it to make it give your viewers a consistent value throughout.

7. Orient your script to seal the deal: Your script must clearly tell your audience about the action to be taken to complete the deal, such as making a call, sending a message or signing up for your offering. This will help you summarize your message and seal the deal.

After you have completed drafting the script for your animated video, go through it over and over again to remove any anomaly that you might have missed. Remember, getting the right script is the key to your video’s success. The idea is to get your message across in a user-friendly way.

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