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7 Blunders to Avoid while Getting an Explainer Video

Apr 29, 2014 8:22:22 AM

John Lasseter, chief creative officer at Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios once famously quipped: “No amount of great animation will save a bad story.” From YouTube to Netflix, Amazon and Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (MVPD), using animation to promote businesses has taken new dimensions. Directly or indirectly, every video we see today is somehow promoting some business or service, on the race to become viral. Do also remember that going viral is not the end because a million leads, with zero conversions is again meaningless. The length and spots you intend your explainer video to be online, depends on your budget and the effectiveness of the animated Explainer Video Producer. That is why when you get an animated explainer video made for your website, you should check for 7 critical blunders to avoid so that your explainer video creates maximized impact and brings in translatable results.

1. Making the video unnecessarily long

According to, unnecessarily long videos drop viewership rate, very fast. They explain that 85% of viewers stay focused for just 30 seconds, if it exceeds the 2 minutes barrier viewership plummets to 50%. Therefore, this is a critical timeline to remember in an explainer video. Exceeding the 120-second barrier makes the audience start to blink. Do not give them this luxury. Make every microsecond count. Also ensure the explainer video is embedded in the home page of your website instead of the ‘About us’ section. Your budget will also influence the style or type of animation used.

2. Trying to convince everybody

An explainer video should always target a very specific audience, if you are selling car tires, why talk about cars? Explainer video acts as a call to action, to the targeted audience it should ask the simple question: do I (or we) need it? It should imply a simple yes or no, in this fashion: Who is the ideal viewer? What stops them from buying your product? These factors should be discussed in the first meet between you and the explainer video maker. Getting to the point is necessary because it saves everybody time and money. It will also help in keeping the explainer video short and simple. Make sure the video speaks only to the audience that will convert.

3. Not giving emphasis on the script

The Script is always the foundation in any explainer video. No matter how good the video or animation in total, if the wrong script is in place, end buyers will not know the product, and all efforts will end in zero conversions. The script should always speak something new in the above-mentioned call to action technique with a hint of humor. Once again, keep in mind the number of words. It takes a rough average of 120-160 words usually spoken in a minute, depending on the speed of the voice over. This calculation is of vital importance, as over-stuffing of words can ruin everything. Think of visual elements as extensions to the script.

4. Not having a clear call to action in the video

This is what the script is all about: a Lure; a call to action that will optimize the conversion rate. If this fails, all the efforts in making the explainer video, no matter how good it looks or sounds will go in vain. True, sometimes ‘how you say it’ is more important than ‘what you say’ in the video, but if the sum total does not add up to conversions, everything falls flat. Therefore, it is not just about the hook- but the line and sinker too. It is the obligation of the video producer to turn the explainer video into your true profitable business tool. Add to all this a response factor, like enabling it to elicit a smile from the explainer video viewer.

5. Concentrating more on the features rather than benefits

It is only the benefits of using your products or services in your explainer video, that add up to the lure. All the product features that stand secondary in importance to the benefits should occur in content space created for it in the website. This practice if followed stringently will bring tangible results.

6. Inadequate research and planning

Your own research should focus exactly on what you want your explainer video to achieve, and clearly stated in the project questionnaire of the video maker. In case you need the explainer video for launch of a new product or for promoting an event, advance planning is required as the video takes at least 4-6 weeks to produce. Not having a clear-cut objective and hastily prepared videos with time strapped deadlines do not lead to good results, as the production company will not be in a position to deliver a fully functional, blunder free explainer video.

7. Not giving enough creative freedom to the video production company

This is one point that cannot be under- stressed. It is the video production company’s job to deliver the best. Words or thoughts from the client are welcome in the opening dialogue. After getting client’s initial requirements including the budget, it is the profession of the video production company to find the optimized solution. Interference in creative activity or process leads to under performance of the explainer video itself. It is the explainer video production company to ensure that it has a team of dedicated motion graphic artists, scriptwriters and illustrators at their command.

It is always better to know more about explainer videos, so that your explainer video is bang on target and gets you results from Day 1.

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