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6 Reasons Why Your B2B Marketing Needs To Get More Animated

Nov 16, 2015 5:56:03 AM

If a picture can speak a thousand words, just imagine just how many words a video can tell.

For more than half a century, moving images have been the most effective and memorable way of communicating brand messages. The advent of the Internet and social media has only revolutionized the way in which videos can now be created and shared. People today watch and share videos more than any other type of content online. So, the question for every B2B marketer out there is clear. How can they leverage this medium, while facing the challenge of communicating complicated business value propositions in the quickest, clearest manner?

Animated videos are the best bet for any B2B business to get the attention of its customers. They can tell a story, show statistics, graphically represent information, and convey a very clear message to the viewer that can be easily understood and retained upon first viewing. It is the reason why everyone from Google to Amazon to newly launched apps, are turning to animation to explain their product offerings to consumers.

Gone are the days when business executives would say “We're a serious business. We don't do cartoons.” Animated videos have come a long way from being mere entertainment programs for children to being a powerful spokesperson for a brand. Let's look at the reasons why there has been such a huge paradigm shift in a marketer's perspective on animation.

Animation simplifies complex subjects

Animation can be a fast and effective way of explaining anything. It allows us to illustrate so much in just a short segment. A whiteboard animation, for example, can take viewers step-by-step through an intricate topic or link a series of diverse yet related scenarios in a concise way, and all in a short period of time.


Animation allows you to convey lots of information

Sometimes, you might need to give lots of facts and figures to your audience in a concise, easy-to-understand manner. The flexibility that animation provides in this scenario, where you can depict information using various graphical elements, simply does not exist in any other medium.


Animation connects with people emotionally

If you are looking for a more human approach in your B2B marketing videos, then cartoon characters should be your choice. They make us feel at home, bring back fun and joyful memories from our childhood, and are awesome at connecting emotionally with any audience.


Animation gives you flexibility

With animation, you get the chance to improvise and divert from your original storyboard. It allows you to make last minute changes to the video, even drastic ones at practically very little extra cost. Compare this to making changes to live action video after production, which would require rebooking of equipment, actors and so on.


Animation frees up the imagination

Creating an animated character and dreaming up a fantasy world gives you endless scope for creativity and originality. For any video to be engaging it has to capture the imagination and people have always been captivated by the fantastical. This ability to portray something that doesn’t yet exist, can be great for start-up companies that want to explain a service, or for any organisation that wants to clarify a complicated problem.


Animated videos are timeless

Say you feature a company executive in a live action video. In just a few years time, the material will appear outdated as his/her appearance might change considerably. But with animation, adaptations can be made to the video to coincide with changes to your company.


Today, almost all online start-ups and websites use animated videos on their landing page in order explain a product or a service in an easy and quick way. Explainer videos, as they are called, have become the go-to choice for everyone from any small online business to big global multinationals.

This is primarily because motion graphic elements are a great way to explain complex concepts in a concise way. But if you choose to go down that animation route for your B2B campaign, you also will have so many styles and techniques to choose from, you stand a far better chance of making a video that is original and different from all your competitors.

Simply put, you will have a clutter-breaking piece of B2B communication in your hands.

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