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5 Website Pages That Deserve A Video

Jun 23, 2016 3:02:10 AM

Remember scrolling down to your favorite websites?

Can you recall if they had videos placed on various pages?

90% of you would answer a YES to this question. Why? Because if that website became one of your favorite, there are HIGH chances of it possessing a video.

Think of it like this - You love YouTube, everybody does. But WHY? Because it’s video hub. You’ll always prefer to watch a simplistic video of the content that some textbook or website might be explaining using million of complicated words. Isn’t it?

Dr James McQuivey once stated that “A video is worth 1.8 million words.’ And my friend, as a video production house we live it every single day. You’ll not find such an engaging medium to explain your product’s benefits and bring a sizeable increase in your sales henceforth. Though there are numerous benefits of adopting this powerful marketing tool for your website, but I could not seize myself from stating a few.


  • You have text on your website and a video explaining the same product. See, you just offered your visitors a right to choose how they want to learn about your product.
  • Videos ENGAGE. Period
  • And because they engage, they convert better.

How about leveraging the power of videos on the most important pages of your website?

Why? Because ‘more, the merrier’. Many organisations are slowly and gradually realizing the strength of videos but most of them are sticking to just one or maximum 2 videos. Is that enough? If you ask me, it isn’t.

Let me just take you through the pages on your website that deserve a video and ‘why’ they do so.

1. The uncrowned king of your website: THE HOMEPAGE

A small, brief and enticing video was placed on the homepage of the fashion giant Louis Vuitton.  This was done to capture and retain the attention of the visitors of the website. A video placed on the top of the homepage brings awesome result in terms of traffic, attention retention as well as conversions..

Homepage Video

Not just Louis Vuitton, but brands like Wistia and Crazy are generating leads in fantastic numbers through homepage video..

#Just be sure that video isn’t too long.

2. The page that tells your story: THE ABOUT PAGE

This is one page where brands forget to place an explainer video. Text doesn’t interest people, they loose interest in learning about your brand if they encounter long blocks of text. Instead, the brands should go for a storytelling video.

About Us Page

One of the best examples of an ‘About Us’ page video is that of National Geographic. As you visit their ABOUT PAGE, you’ll be welcomed with a phenomenal high quality video widespread on the screen, a responsive or as we call it an interactive video that calls the visitors to play it to greet with the founders and know about their story..

# Do put text along with the video for better understanding and uninterrupted flow of information.

3. Your bread earners : THE PRODUCT & SERVICES PAGE

This is where we generally encounter explainer videos. Right from the start-ups to big corporates, everyone trust explainer videos for explaining their products and services. I call these pages the bread earners. Why? Coz’ if people don’t understand your offerings well, why do you think they’ll make the buying decision in your favor?

Products Video


Electronics retailer Newegg introduces some product lines with videos from product category pages. The videos are uploaded to YouTube and then embedded in the site..

# Let your video talk about benefits more than the features.

4. The secret behind your campaigns: THE LANDING PAGE

Let us assume that you made a fantastic e-book for your visitors, you designed some great campaigns for it. You need a superb landing page where people can access that free e-book by filling up their names and mail ids. How do you now convince them to enter details and access your e-book?

You need to convince them. And how do you do that?

By placing a video on your landing page!

Landing Page.

Oxfam is a world-wide development organisation that mobilizes the power of people against poverty. This landing page video shows their subtle effort towards their ‘Proving It’ campaign..

# Never waste time, come straight to the point. Bring your brand into the picture within first 15 seconds.

5. The content lifelines  : THE BLOG POSTS

I’m just not asking to put video in each of your blog posts, but you need to identify what content works the best for your brand, you should be equipped with all the accurate knowledge about that topic. Once you have that information, put that in a video to drive more and more conversions. For that matter you may also try VIDEO BLOGGING. That’s the ‘in-thing’ nowadays. Point is to leverage on the power of videos!

Video Blogging.

Sonia Gil is is host and co-creator of Sonia's Travels. Winner of the 2012 People's Voice Webby Award for Best Web Personality, Sonia is one of the most successful video blogger in the world. In 2014, she won the People's Voice Webby Award for Best "DIY-How to" online show for her How to Travel series. She was named the 4th most influential person in travel social media by travel blog Skift in May 2014. Do you see what kind success can video blogging bring to your business?.

# Make thorough search on blog content and then go for videos.

So, my friend, go on and look at your website. Is it conversion ready? See where you can place explainer video for giving those pages numerous eyeballs. Do the math before and after placing explainer videos on required pages and witness the magic!

Have you come across some website pages with kick-ass video content? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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