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5 Things To Do To Get Max ROI Out Of Your Explainer Video Maker

Nov 18, 2016 8:22:44 AM

Explainer Video Maker

The purpose of  Explainer Videos Maker is for a company to communicate a clear and consistent message to prospective customers – a message that will ultimately result in those prospects taking action and eventually becoming customers.  Merely making a video and placing it on a website will not necessarily accomplish this objective.  So, before beginning the video production process and undertaking this initiative, consider the following five elements that will help to increase the likelihood of getting the most out of your video dollars.

Define An Objective For Each Explainer Video

Each video should have a specific purpose. It can be something as simple as awareness, or education. The video should exhibit a company’s expertise and establish credibility, it should add a personality and ‘Humanize the experience’.

Call to Action

Each video should have a clear call to action. The ultimate goal of a video is to get a prospective client to the company website and to provide their contact information.  Offer something, whether it be a discount, more information, entry into a contest – whatever it takes to get the prospect to take the next step.


Distribution is something that needs to be considered early on.  This is because how a video is actually constructed may depend upon how and where the video will be promoted.  For example, research indicates that most people don’t listen to audio on Facebook.  Therefore, if a company intends to promote a video on Facebook, it is critical that key points are clearly displayed within the video or that the closed caption is turned on.

Landing Page

One of the goals of a video is to get viewers back to the company website.  It is imperative that the home page and landing page are configured correctly so that the prospective clients can find what they need and easily take action to get more information or contact the company.

Determine a Budget Based On Return On Investment:

Explainer videos come in a lot of flavors and depending upon the styles and the vendor prices, they vary differently. To determine the budget, first Choose a style of the explainer video and choice of the explainer video production style depends upon the first three pointers discussed in this blog.  A good vendor will present various styles and options and will work with the client towards his video objectives.

What needs to be kept in mind is that showcasing videos to create awareness does not need to be a cost center.  Upfront goals should be set that identify the number of people that are targeted to reach with the video, how many of the viewers will come to the website and how many of those viewers will convert into customers.  Knowing Return On Investment will help determine a reasonable and realistic video production budget.

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