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5 Must-Do's to Make Best Explainer Videos That Increase Sales

Feb 11, 2013 1:35:50 AM

Today, all online visitors want to access desired information in a faster, engaging (read interesting) and convenient way. Research proves that if your site is not able to engage visitors in the first 7 seconds you have a very slim chance of retaining them, which in turn will not help in increasing sales on your site. Nothing bores your audience more than a dull and non-engaging landing page. The most popular way to overcome this road-block to sales is to give your website the touch of a video, a video that is short and explains your product in a concise, user-friendly way.Enter – Explainer Videos

The popularity of explainer videos has made businesses realize their potential in branding themselves and making their presence felt online. Explainer videos help give exposure to a product or service and maximize sales. By adding a unique, memorable explainer video to your website, you can help your audience by explaining your offering in an easy-to-consume visual format and make them remember your message well. Not only can these videos enhance your branding, but simultaneously help maintain it.

Here’s how to perk up your explainer videos to help increase product sales:

1. Catch their attention: Do you know a better way to catch your audience’s attention than through an explainer video? If yes, we would like to hear about it in the comments below. We believe that visitors to a website immediately get attracted to any video on the site, and a ‘play’ button alongside compels them to go for it. To repeat, the first few seconds of your explainer video are crucial to hold your audience till the end of the video, so get the beginning of your product story right.

2. Make an offer to solve their problem: Your product explainer video should be able to show the need of your product in your audience’s lives. They should be able to figure out immediately that you have a solution to their unique problem, and the process to avail your product is easier and more convenient too than your competition.

3. Convey the USP (unique selling proposition): You have to be quick in showing the ways that makes you stand out from your competitors. Nothing convinces your audience better than proving your product to be better than your competitors’. In other words, whatever you are offering, it has to be over and above what your competitors are already offering and that value can easily be reflected in your product video.

4. Make a free offer: If there is anything that you are offering for free on your site, just highlight it. A free offer such as an eBook, coupon, credit points, registration on your site, or subscription to your newsletters or blogs, etc. can immediately catch your visitors’ attention, which in turn helps achieve point 1 above. All these offers can be highlighted in a very attractive way using video.

5. Use the competition: You can also visit your competitors’ websites to see how their product video compels people to stay there; this will help you figure out the changes/additions that you need to do to your own web explainer video to make it more conducive to generating those sales and moving that bottom line.

Overall, your web videos should be very compelling to make your product or service irresistible to your audience and aid in their buying decision so that you can increase sales on your website.

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